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Douglas and Deacon's First Snow!!

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Hi Everyone,

To those of you who know these boy's story, Eilcon's prior foster boys from around Halloween, they saw their first snow in their lives today.

I opened my blinds this morning as usual and the boys were attempting to catch the blinds strings as usual, and I was trying to show them the snow. A few minitues later, Douglas did a double take and I was rofl.
He jumped up against the window to try to get to it and fell off the window ledge, (only a foot). Meanwhile, Deacon who was also seeing it for the first time kind of did his usual meow language to Douglas and ran up to him as if saying, "should we run?", "should I be scared?", "If so, I'm outta here, since I run faster than you, see you on the other side!"

Below is an updated picture of them I took yesterday looking at a contraption I hung from the ceiling fan to entice them to hoan their jumping skils.


Someone help me!! These arent pics! Im's kinda computer challenged!
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tยดawwwh...........think theres something missing from your link ! couldnt access
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Oh I am sorry, that aint working either, the links normally come in a blue colour and your is just normal, think theres too many [IMG] and at looking at your 1st post again there was a [ missing from the beginning, maybe that was it ?
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you have too many [img] tags in there, you just need one set and you need the [ on the second one


(remove the stars)

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I straightened the pics out for you. You were missing the [ in front of [IMG].

I'll move this to Fur Pics for you
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Thank you so much. I am computer challenged, as I said.

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great photo ! they look like they are rooted to the spot, any jumps at all ?
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Yes, they both were jumping several times yesterday. Now today, they don't seem interested at all.

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Thank you so much for your help. Ha Ha, now I have about 4 pics.

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Great pics! They look transfixed!
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Awwww they are growing up too fast but they look so adorable in all 4 pics
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awe what cuties everyones looking out all the windows here for snow, ecspecially on our deck and thats a BIG window for everyone to look out of but o my those pics are sooo precious such curious babies
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They're so pretty! I love tabby cats!
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Adorable pic
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Oh my gosh Helene, just look at how your 2 boys have grown.
They are really handsome.

Be sure to PM Eileen, so she does not miss their new picture.
Douglas & Deacon
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Just look at them now! What a difference, and how they've grown up!

Lovely picture!
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oh my goodness, Helene, I cannot believe how big and handsome those boys have gotten!! you have done a wonderful job with them gosh, they weren't even mine and I'm close to tears Douglas and Deacon certainly won the lottery when you adopted them! Thank you Helene and Eileen for giving these boys the life they deserved!!

also- I know what you mean about being computer challenged!!
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Awww, what a great pic of those adorable brothers. I can't believe what big, handsome boys Deacon and Douglas have become. They're obviously thriving in your care, Helene, and I'm so grateful they have such a loving home.
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Awww... They are gorgeous boys!
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I want to see more pictures of your adorable boys.
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Helene, it's great to see the boys! You've done such a wonderful job with them!!
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They are very handsome boys
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They look picture purrfect!
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Originally Posted by xocats View Post
I want to see more pictures of your adorable boys.
I'll second that!
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