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jenny, hello, how does one know when there is any more internal bleeding?thanks
katie, unfortunately this is not a case of taking her back to the vet as he is working with pets (as a fabvour) only working days from 9-11 - the weekend is here and if something goes wrong i doubt he ll be able to help - thank you for your support -abymummy,thank you very much - i think the other ones were deformed, yes, the vet wanted to show me but i said no- i talked to him about the injection and he said no, when a cat has a difficult pregnancy the vets even give them this injection to help the pregnancy - im lost for sure - gracie, thanks for your message and wookie im so sorry to say they were all already dead - probably some time ago too
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Basically what I meant is that a few external spots are probably nothing to worry about, but if she starts losing bright red blood from the vagina then it is an emergency.
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