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I think Milo is stupid

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Came home from work on Friday, the usual routine I went and filled the bath. As I was having a relaxing soak Milo came upstairs and promtly joined me in the bath, he was quite content laying on my stomach and flicking his paws in the bubbles. However after coming home from work Saturday morning I discovered that either Milo Amber or both of them had knocked the fireguard over in the lounge and Milo decided it was time to find out where exactly all those flames and sparks go when he sits there of an evening watching them. He returned back out the chimney a different shade to when he went up. His coat was matted in soot, he was attempting to clean himself and I thought all that in his throat would not be doing him any good, so it was up to the bath for his second experience. Actually he took it better than what I thought he would, he managed 2 or 3 minnute before deciding that was enough.Ok mate!! back down to the fire to dry off.
And dont go up there again!!

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Another wet cat, we seem to have had a lot of wet cats this week. mine are getting worried.
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I hope he has learnt his lesson! I had a cat go up the chimney once, he came down mixed with the soot ball so I could hardly tell where he began and ended! A special hi from Wellington and my crew who are going through fungicidal baths every three days for ringworm.
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Sorry to hear that. What I forgot to mention was if he had any sense he would have gone up the chimney first and then got in the bath with me
Btw do yours put up a fight when trying to bathe them?
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Congratulations on being owned by a curious cat! If he didn't fight with you getting into your bath, you shouldn't really have a problem showering him! Is he back to his normal colour yet?
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Milo... There are certain places kitties just shouldn't go!

Besides, it's not the time of year to play Santa Claws.
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OMG look at that poor baby!
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Anyone would think cats were curious or something!
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There will be no wet cats in my house, as any one of my three have been known to nearly put my eyeballs out during the bathing process!!!

At least all the soot is now off of Milo!!! He sounds like a character!
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Good grief Milo...
cool the chimney thing.
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He is nearly back to normal colour exept his ears are still a bit sooty right inside, but I dont want to go prodding about too much in them, I have just used cat wipes to gently clean the worst out. He certainly is a character and when he got lost the other day I think it scared him a bit, now when the window is open for them to go out he stays his distance, which is a good thing really.Oh and not forgetting our little Amber she proudly came in through the window and dropped a huge garden worm on the table in front of my wife, talk about screaming.
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Oh my silly Milo! That pic just made me smile from ear to ear

Hilda >^..^<
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