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Sudden maturity? but he is neutered!

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ok, so the other night, my cat was flexing on a blanket that he sleeps on (normal), but then he started smelling me feet at the same time and flexing right by my feet. I tried to move my foot but he followed it, so I put it back. Lets just say he REALLY liked my foot and REALLY liked his flexing. He has been neutered his whole life. (neutered young, around 6-8 weeks old) He got very excited while flexing and he has never been that excited before. At one point i tapped his back to try to get him to stop, but that seemed to make him MORE excited. Then tonight, he started flexing on a different blanket and started the same excited way of standing (legs more...... spread out) This time before it went as far as it did before I took him of the blanket and put him on the floor.

Why the sudden change? Can cats suddenly become "mature" and start acting upon it? I can't think of anything thats changed, but could it be caused from a new scent? And is there anything I can so to make him stop.. getting excited.... when he flexes? At this point I'm ready for a vet.. because he has never done this before.
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My Wellington started that on me when he was about 18 months old. It really began after we lost his brother and I think he felt insecure. Several months later, he still does it but not as often. I don't know what you can do to stop it, or even if you should, it is kind of funny and kind of embarrassing. Some people here suggested giving him a furry toy to 'play' with, but he wasn't interested in anything but me!
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I've heard the fuzzy toy, but the has them.

I did a bit more research last night, and I found that some neutered male cats have been known to 'pleasure' themselves? Is this normal then? I just always thought that if they were neutered, then this couldn't occur.
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Reilly will do things like that from time to time too...it is very odd because he's also neutered.
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I had a cat who was a chronic masturbator. He'd "do" me, his bed, the couch, anything. He'd go so far as to grab a mouthful of my shirt when
"finishing" and cry out, just like a male does to a female's neck when mating. It was kind of nasty and just one of his "issues." He'd been neutered since 7 mos.

I certainly wouldn't encourage it unless you want it to continue.

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I'm glad someone posted this, now I THINK I know what Elliott is doing.
When he's playing with his Sisters he'll all of a sudden jump on the back of the couch, grab the throw in his teeth and sort of pull some of it up underneath him with his back feet.

I'm so stupid, I thought he was just playing...we've never had a male cat before.
Well I guess maybe he is 'playing' just not the way I thought he was "playing".
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