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I got an e-mail from Judi last night that said she hadn't heard from Mr. Horsley again. He called her once - last Thursday, I believe.

I snapped off this e-mail to him last night and I "cc'd" the Amarillo Globe):

Mr. Horsley:

You wrote this to me in response to one of my comments about your article on "Osama":

David Horsley wrote: "Thanks for educating me. What do you recommend with this particular wild cat?"

I took you seriously, and I put many hours into finding someone local to assist in trapping the feral cat in your neighborhood. Do you want the cat removed from the neighborhood? You have not contacted me, you have not contacted my husband (Investment Strategist for Gilford Securities; previously, at age 30, the youngest Regional Manager ever for a Fortune 50 company*), and you have made one call to the woman who is interceding to help "Samoa." As you know well by now, her name is Judi Glidewell, and she runs CritterCamp. I understand she has left you numerous messages. She was hoping to trap Samoa this weekend. She can not do that if she does not know where to go. (Her number is [I put her number here]).

We were hoping that some good could come from all of this. That we could help Samoa. That we could help your neighborhood. That you might consider assisting in educating your local readers to the terrible problem the City of Amarillo has with its stray and feral pet population, instead of treating the problem like a joke and leaving it at that. To illustrate my point, Amarillo euthanises three times as many animals per capita as the City of Houston (according to the Amarillo SPCA).

In your home town, in 1999 (the latest available data according to the Amarillo SPCA) , 25,192 animals were picked up by animal control. 4,965 of those were dead. 1,750 were returned to their owners. 1,410 were reclaimed. 2,085 were adopted out. 10,882 were euthanised. (Please refer to attached document). One would think you might be concerned simply about the cost of the animal control and euthanisation programs as a tax payer. Amarillo has a terrible problem, far above national norms. It is, apparently, attitudes like yours that continue to perpetuate an already desperate situation. You are willing to joke and complain, but when a real solution presents itself, it appears to be of no real concern.

I had hoped you would prove me wrong.

Sincerely yours,

Laurie D. XXXXX

*My point is that he is a respected businessman (something you might relate to), not a "crazy cat woman" (something you clearly cannot relate to).

He wrote back to me this morning:

"Laurie -- Judi and I are playing phone tag. Samoa is just fine. Stay tuned. -- David"

So anyway, there you have it.

"Stay Tuned" !!!!!!

If worse comes to worse, Judi can get his address from the Globe.

- Laurie
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Welcome to the land of the Apathetic individuals when it comes to ferals. I learned a long time ago that attitudes such as his exist in plenty. He is evidently not even concerned with the welfare of this cat (indicated by his flippant and terse responses to emails) not only yours, but others. You can't tell me he is that busy that he can't sit down and give you the story in a private way and also send you his address. Though I do understand that animal rights people are now breathing down his neck right now as well.

The ferals deal with three types of people. 1) The ones who ignore them because there really "are not any cats in my neighborhood." 2) The ones who want to harm them either individually or collectively and 3. The ones who want to help them, but first have to gain a trust long shattered.

Mr. Horsely has an excellent opportunity here to turn this story into a human interest/educational piece, but I know from experience that he won't so I won't hold my breath.

Thanks again Laurie for all you and Christy are doing on behalf of ferals everywhere!
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Yes, thank you all for trying so hard to help this cat. It makes me so angry that he seems to think it is no big deal. I am praying he will give this woman his address so she can trap Somoa very soon!!!

Keep us posted!!!!
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Mr. Horsley and Judi hooked up today! Because Animal Control has already been unable to trap the cat, after talking with Mr. Horsley, Judi contacted her Vet. She and her Vet are working with someone to trap Samoa within the next few days. The Vet suggested that since Samoa has been so difficult to trap, they should consider using a female in heat to attract the cat. (!) Mr. Horsley is working with his neighbors. They are going to provide use of a garage until Samoa is trapped. The Vet is working with his network to find females in heat that will help, and I have been assured that the female will remain caged and in no danger from Samoa.

When I told Gary what they're going to do, he couldn't stop laughing! He said, they're going to attract every un-neutered male in the area! Well, I say maybe that'll help drive home the extent of the problem.

Keep ya posted!

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Such wonderful news!
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Well, that e-mail from Judi was from last night, so all that happened yesterday. I got another e-mail from her tonight.

Samoa is smokey grey with white markings. Judi spent the afternoon cruising the neighborhood( ), but didn't see Samoa ( ). She was really just kind of getting the "lay of the land," though, as she doesn't know which garage they'll be using yet ( ).

But now we're making progress!

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i emailed this guy several days ago. i made it short and sweet. i am so glad the outcome this has had! i think those of you who are going the extra step to help this cat are wonderful! may god bless you. what goes around comes around and i hope many good things come your way! i thank you.
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I am so glad to hear that progress is being made!!!! This is wonderful!!! Samoa sounds like a very pretty cat....maybe we will get to see a picture once he is trapped!!! I think your hubby is right, that poor female will have all kinds of midnight callers!! :laughing:

Keep us posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And thanks so very much for your part in helping this cat!!!!
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Any Samoa news???

I so hope he has been trapped! I want to thank you again Laurie for what you are doing - thank you so much!!!!
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This past week was the first week I didn't pester Judi just about every day. I figured if she had any news she'd let me know. But I haven't heard from her.

I did find some research very relevant to specifically what she's lobbying for in Amarillo, so I had an excuse to zip that off this evening.

How are things going on your end? I know you were out in "Samoa's" neighborhood last weekend. Did Mr. Horsley and neighbors ever get back to you with a garage to use? I'd love to know where things stand, even if it is status quo. ...Again, thanks for your efforts to help Samoa.
Managed to work that in there. As soon as I hear anything, you'll be the first to know!
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I will be checking in when I get a chance to see if there is any news!!! I will be thinking about Samao.
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Good Morning All! I got a reply to my e-mail.

Wow it looks like you have had better luck then I have. David has not called me back concerning the garage. It has been raining here every day except yesterday and today. I did go over there today to case the neighborhood again with no luck of spotting Samoa. I had a pet ownership seminar to go to on Sat. and I did talk to ... the Assistant Director to the animal shelter in Amarillo about my idea on catching Samoa and she felt it was a real good idea. I am going to give it until tomorrow afternoon [today, Monday]]for David to get in touch with me so he can’t use the excuse of the rain preventing him from contacting me. I will keep you posted and thank you again for all your help.
She also mentioned they plan to take matters into their own hands if they can't get in touch with David - Judi has to leave town for a seminar this weekend, and she really wants to trap Samoa before she has to leave. Please keep him in your prayers!

...and I skipped the part where she talked about the research and what they're proposing, but let's just say she's enlarged the scope of what they're going to lobby for from just a low-cost spay/neuter program; now they want to include lobbying for support of TNR programs (at the very least policy-wise) to help combat the terrible problem they have there.

Thanks go to Christy and Hissy for helping get all that info to her. We don't know what Amarillo will do, but whatever it is, it won't be for lack of trying. Another convert that may affect a whole city!
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Well - many of you got quoted! At least anyone who reads his articles knows what we think of him!

He could have turned it into something educational. I even sent him the numbers on Amarillo's stray/feral pet (dog and cat) population - much worse than national averages, 3x as bad as Houston's (per capita). Oh well.

Here it is:

Horsley Follow-up Article on Samoa

I didn't expect much from this man (who has a degree in theology and a book published!!!!!), so I guess I wasn't disappointed. No. I was disappointed, but I wasn't mad. He's just showing his true colors....
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This is the e-mail I sent him in response to his article:

[This is the woman mentioned in the article on the East Coast who is trying to facilitate trapping Samoa.]

Please do not have Samoa re-released back into you neighborhood to "see what happens." My husband and I have offered to pay to have him neutered, and with Judi we've made arrangements for Samoa to be fostered (socialized). If it turns out that he is not adoptable, then we have also made arrangements for him to live out his natural life in comfort and without fear.

Thank you.
Samoa is not his to do with as he pleases. Judi, when (not IF!) Samoa is captured, will not let that happen.
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Well, it isn't the article we were all hoping for, but at least he did make some concessions. Many of the people he referred to I know were from here, so at least The Cat Site was heard.

I figured he would turn it into the "Crazy Cat People" column, but at least he did give our point of view some credit.

Another woman wrote that she cried when she read my column. That made me stop and think.
There's so much meanness, violence, and cruelty in this world. I read stories of starving cats, drowned kittens, and felines roasted alive.

Whatever else you can say about The Cat Women, they are tender-hearted individuals who extend love toward a reviled segment of the animal kingdom. Something about that appeals to me.

I've learned that there are national and international organizations dedicated to the welfare of feral cats. One of the most popular is Alley Cat Allies (www.alleycat.org) which educates the public about spay/neuter programs and non-lethal ways to deal with the problem of wild cats.

Several women wrote level-headed letters detailing how to trap the cat and turn it over to an animal shelter. One woman on the East Coast arranged for me to get in touch with an animal rescue specialist in Amarillo and went so far as to call the specialist herself to arrange a meeting.
Even though he didn't go nearly far enough about educating his readers, at least he mentioned TNR programs and Alley Cat Allies.
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He just got a second letter from me as well! This time, I did not call him a Horse's Patoot- but I did find his tone a bit patronizing. Who knows, perhaps he will get educated even though he isn't receptive to it?

Thanks Laurie for the head's up PM, I posted an alert in the lounge for you as well. I just hope Samoa comes to ground soon and gets trapped. The article makes it appear that Horsely is going to do this himself, and I pray that is NOT the case!
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I didn't like the overall tone of the follow-up column, either. Hope it didn't come across that way in the last post, but I think it did. Makes us all sound like luntics in the beginning. Knowing some about journalistic writing, I noticed that he waiting until the last part of the column to mention the good points or anything to do with TNR or trapping the cat. Of course the rule of thumb is to put the important items first because most people won't read the whole thing.

I guess I was trying to find the silver lining. I need to do that more often in my life in general, so I was attempting it with this too.
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I won't post all my email to him as it was quite long. But I will post how I ended it:

"Good luck with this Mr. Horsely- you really do have a good human interest story potential here, even if you don't agree, or see that you do. You have an opportunity to reach your readership and give them tools and information to help stop the feral cat problem in your area, humanely and effectively. But as the saying goes, the ball is your court now. If you want to carry it or drop it, that would be your choice. Because in this type of situation, humans have choices, ferals do not. They have to depend on the humans to make the right choices for them. I hope that you do make the right choice Mr. Horsely, I sure hope that you do."
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This is what angered me the most about his article....

For people who compassionately devote themselves to dumb animals, these cat people don't mind using their claws and drawing a little blood, exhibiting a dearth of compassion toward humans pestered by feral cats:

Who is he calling dumb????????? Cats are far from dumb!!!!!!!
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OK - I've been sick and busy today, so please forgive the late update.

Here's relevent two from Judi:

Great news I just talked to David and he has located a building, he has started putting food and water in it for Samoa and has reported that Samoa is going in there. Game plan is that this week when David see Samoa going in the building he will shut the door and then call me and I will go and resque our little guy. David also has offer to pay for shots/ spay/neuter of Samoa. So I will keep you posted on our progress. I also told him a little of our project for rhis next year and I think he may be willing to help.
Thanks and I will keep you posted Judi
...go figure....

And then in response to his comment about maybe re-releasing Samoa, Judi wrote:

Hello and I have no intension of turning him loose in his neighborhood, my plan is to try to win his trust and get him into a loving
home, if this can not be done as we discussed I have a client who has done the TRN and she lives in a wonderful place in the country so this is where he will live. I will let you know. Thanks Judi
So as soon as I hear anything further....

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I just fell off my computer chair! David Horsely is going to pay to have Samoa vaccinated and neutered????
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My guess? He doesn't want to be "shown up" by some CRAZY CAT LADY on the East Coast!

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I can't wait for Samoa to be captured and neutered! I think when that happens we're going to add the Samoa Day to the TCS Calendar and we'll have an annual celebration every year!

Laurie, when the website we discussed, with all the wonderful work you and Christy are doing, when it's up, I think Samoa's story will get a special page there! can you ask the Amarillo lady to get some pictures when she captures him? tell her it's for a website that will be promoting TNR efforts.
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Great idea! I'll do that.

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Judi has already responded. She has a digital camera and is happy to oblige!
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Believe it or not...I kind-of liked his article. It even brought tears to my eyes!

I like that he started out saying (and thinking) that we are a bunch of loons, but then said that he now realizes what tender-hearted people we are and that we are doing a good thing. I can imagine that some of the letters he received from us were a heck of a lot more hostile and less understanding of his ignorance than he was(is) of us. I think the fact that he learned something new and valuable about crazy cat women, feral cats, and humanity is a great thing for the public to see.
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You've got a really good point there lotsocats!
I can imagine that some of the letters he received from us were a heck of a lot more hostile and less understanding of his ignorance than he was(is) of us.
We do tend to get emotional because we care so much.

The most surprising thing to me was his communications with Judi. It looks like he's actually going to help lobby the city of Amarillo for a low-cost spay/neuter program and education, and we'll see, but Judi was even going to push for supporting TNR programs. Hopefully not in his neighborhood, but...
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*Trying to find that elusive silver lining again*

Maybe we did get through to him more than he will admit, at least in his column. When I see that he has offered to pay for neuter/shots for Samoa and he is willing to help Judi in her efforts, it makes me think that he has a softer heart than what he puts out in his column. You know, that whole macho "I have an image to maintain" thing.
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Heidi, kudos for being the first one to try to find the silver lining! I get my ire up, and it's hard to get past it.

Did anyone poke around the newspaper at all? Mr. Horsley is trained in THEOLOGY! Weird, right?
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I just hope that those who fired their anger at him will also extend to him now their thoughts on how his views have changed. He desrves to be told as many good things as he was subjected to all the bad thoughts from us- me included. I have already written him and told him my label of him being a horse's patoot has changed to where he is now the cat's pajamas! LOL
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