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Well, after consideration, I said (bad word here) it. I sent my reply to Mr. Horsley, and gave my consent to have my letter published. If this makes me one of the rude, crazy people, I am honored to be included in that group. If I had the chance, I'd also run down there and rescue that poor cat from this misguided person. As I said in my letter, my Dad's neighborhood has adopted one feral male. I think one more would be welcomed there with opened arms.
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Christy....I think your reply to Mr. Horsley was worded very well!! I am glad you went ahead and sent it!! I still haven't gotten a reply from him either, and I think if I was going to I would have by now...but at least he knows there are good people out there that don't feel the same way he does, and maybe he will learn to have a little more compassion from all of this. I feel so bad for that cat!!!!
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I think the main thing with the R in the TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) is that in urban environments, where there is an ecological niche for a feral male, it will inevitably be filled sooner or later.

That means that if Samoa is taken from there, in all likelihood another cat will take his place. If on the other hand, Samoa is neutered and placed back in his territory, he will still fill that specific niche and will still be the neighborhood cat. That means the chances of other ferals coming in will be lower as long as there are no new food sources.

That's why NTR is so effective - with time a stable population is created.

BTW - I find it hard to believe that Samoa is the only feral in the neighborhood - there are bound to me more. I bet they're just not dominant aggressive males so mr. horsely just doesn't see them...

My advice to him would be to get all the neighborhood's ferals neutered and released back where they live. Of course, feeding stations and proper care would be nice too.

Life with a stable and well taken care of colony of ferals in the neighborhood can be very comfortable. Less mice and vermins, no noise from fighting males, no attack cats on the prowl. Just content cats.

For people who are not true cat lovers and who are not familiar with the concept of taking care of ferals and of TNR, the idea of keeping the cat in the neighborhood sounds very strange. I think this is just another aspect where mr. horsely needs education more than anything else.

For too many years, the way to deal with feral cats was to exterminate them Experience has proved that this is not only cruel but also extremely ineffective. The only real solution, which also happens to be the humane one, is to trap, neuter and release them.

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Christy - I had to log off last night before you posted. GREAT letter. I'm SO glad you sent it. You remained level headed, addressed his insults, and yet most importantly, got him information to help the poor cat. No wonder you earned that PhD!! Way to go. Big Cheers from NJ!!!!!

Hissy, if you hear back from any of your contacts, please let me know! Thanks,

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Many people will probably receive this same e-mail, but wanted to keep everyone posted:


Thanks for your response. We have gotten so many replies to this particular Horsley column, we've decided to turn them all over to him and let him respond in an upcoming column. Perhaps he'll quote from your letter.


Debbie Dudley
I'm not holding my breath about his next column. Let's pray he does something constructive with it.

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I hope someone can give us the link to his new column when he finishes it. I really want to see what he will have to say for himself. I wonder if he has learned anything at all.
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Don't worry Debby! We'll find it!

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Bet he is going to turn it into "those bleeding heart cat people are crazy" column. But I suppose time will tell. Laurie I have heard nothing from the many contacts I sent out on this cat's behalf. But I will let you know the minute I do.

Thanks to all of you for getting involved with this.
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Thanks Hissy. In the meantime, I'm going to spend some time on the Net looking for something for him locally. You'd think he could do it himself, but, we're here to help, right?
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I noticed something I find pretty interesting. Did anyone else notice that the only people here Mr. Horsely responded to personally are Dr. Christy and Vice-President Laurie? What does that say about him? (No insult directed to either of you - both of your letters were excellently written, no matter what titles you have. )
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Did anyone else notice that the only people here Mr. Horsely responded to personally are Dr. Christy and Vice-President Laurie?
No insult taken. In fact, that's why I added it on the end of the letter. Unfortunately, people do seem to take what I have to say a lot more seriously if I add those three letters.

In fact, he emailed me back last night, asking what I had my degree in. At first I thought "That's none of your business, mister". Then, I thought "If he thinks I'm lying, I'll give him all the info he needs to see I'm not". I almost asked if he wanted me to send him a copy of my diploma
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Christy that's too funny! Interesting, though, is that on the first note I sent him I didn't include my title, just my name. I'm betting dollars to donuts that mine was the first one he received after Hissy's. It wasn't as emotional as Hissy's. After mine, he probably started getting fed up with all of us "bleeding hearts." ??? Who knows.
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I would of included my title, but I wonder how it would of set with him?

Ticked Off Feral Fighter
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Sorry! Don't accept that one. Or I'm promoting you.

Hissy -
The Angel, Caretaker of Needy Animals

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Hubby had a GREAT idea. I've sent a message asking Horsley to call him. We've left e-mail and voice messages for anything resembling a stray or feral RESCUE (no-kill) organization. We've also perused all local yellow page stuff and left messages there too.

Funny (sad) thing is, Gary's search on the Net turned up an article, published by THE SAME PAPER on SEPTEMBER 19th about rescuing abandoned animals and the need to spay/neuter!!! I'm NOT sending the link to Horsley because we hope he'll write another one. For all of you into ironies, here is the link:


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We are now calling local veterinary clinics trying to find the name of someone who can help. We're looking for Amarillo's CRAZY CAT LADY.

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Cross your fingers, cross your fingers, we might have found someone! Hubby is on the phone right now....
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We found her! Gary is so fabulous on the phone. This woman runs a high-end "camp" for animals, but is on all kinds of local boards, a TV show three times a week, knows the editor of the Amarillo Globe, and is going to intervene on that end, just in case we don't get a call from Horsley. (Don't remember if I included a post here about that or not).

We have offered, in exchange for her help, which she was willing to do for free, information to help her lobby the city council to change laws, and to enact TNR programs city wide. She is head of the local Humane Society and is already actively involved in the community. If nothing else, we're going to help her put together a presentation so she can get money from the city to run TNR programs.

She and her husband will head out this weekend to trap Samoa, and we will pay to board him at her facility until....?

We will be gathering info about the number of and cost of euthanisations vs. the cost of running TNR programs. Got our research work cut out for us for a little while.

Let's see what happens....
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WONDERFUL! You and your husband are truly angels!

Any help you need, researching, writing letters, etc. please PM me and let me know what I can do!

Samoa is lucky to have people like you caring about him!
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Just sent you an email with those links you need! There were a lot of them and I wanted to get them to you quickly. Thank you for going above and beyond once again. My hat is off to you and Gary and your compassion and ambition!
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I am just thrilled to hear this!!!!! What great news!!! Thank you so very much and your husband for helping this cat!!!!! I hope this woman can trap him! Keep us posted!
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Laurie let us know when he is trapped. Boy, I sure want this cat, he has captured my heart!
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That cat would be the luckiest cat alive if he were to end up with you, MaryAnne!!! His life of cruelty would be over!!!
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Thanks Debby, but where he is going, he will have the best life! I just hope he stays out of bad people's traps and can be caught with compassion
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We're still working on seeing to it! The Rescuer has e-mailed Mr. Horsley. Hubby spoke to the Amarillo Globe and Mr. Horsley's editor with the proposal for a happy solution. They gave him Mr. Horsley's phone number (he's a freelance writer). Hubby left a very professional message for Mr. Horsley. We should have good news soon, if not today. Keep your fingers crossed. Samoa still needs your prayers, as we haven't quite hooked up the Rescuer and Samoa yet. We've simply put all the pieces in place.

Keep ya posted.

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WOW!!!!! This is awesome what you and your husband are doing!!!! You are 's in my book!!!!!! Give your hubby a big hug from us!!! And please keep us posted on what happens with Samoa!!!
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The woman who is helping us is Judi Glidewell, who runs an upscale boarding facility ("Critter Camp" - how cute!) in Amarillo. She also helps coordinate rescues, fostering and adoption for both cats and dogs. Although please do not contact her, I don't want her inundated with Thanks. If you could just thank her in your prayers.

She has contacted Mr. Horsley. As of this morning, none of us had heard from him, although it has only been 1 1/2 days since we started, so I'm not upset...yet. She will be seeing the Editor of the paper at a Rotary meeting this afternoon, so maybe that'll jog things.

She is lobbying Amarillo City Council to enact a spay/neuter program, and shortly she will be able to go armed with lots of info, contacts with organizations that can help them, and also with lots of info about the population control and cost benefits of TNR programs as well, thanks principally to Hissy.
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I don't know where things stand right now, but I received and e-mail from Judi saying she'd gotten a message from Mr. Horsley. (It was the day after she met with the Globe's Editor...????). She, obviously, was going to get back to him about finding out where to go to trap Samoa. I communicate with her through her work e-mail, so I might hear nothing until Monday. But I wanted all to know that Mr. Horsley has been in contact, so hopefully arrangements have already been made to trap Samoa this weekend.

He remains in my prayers.

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I am really excited to hear what happens with Somoa!! Thanks for keeping us posted! I am sure you have said in previous posts, but I am wondering what this woman is going to do with him once he is trapped? Will she try to find him a new home, then? I hope it goes well!!!
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Debby - good question! When we first chatted with Judi, what would happen to Samoa once trapped was the issue. Don't know if you clicked over to her business, http://www.crittercamp.com/, but it costs $13/day to board there.

Judi was willing to do it for a limited time for free while socializing him, which she and her staff will do (and while they're not into rescue per se, they sure are into animals!). But hubby obviated the whole issue of longer term cost by offering to do the research she needs to lobby Amarillo City Council for a low-cost spay/neuter program and TNR education. I posted this, and Christy offered to help. So we've been on the case!

If CritterCamp is unable to find someone to adopt him (and they will work with local shelters, the SPCA, etc. to help in finding someone to adopt him), Samoa can live out his life at CritterCamp. What we might consider is writing an article about the rescue, etc. and sending it to local Amarillo papers - the Globe even! If his plight is in print in the "rescue" fashion, his chances of being adopted through that avenue are probably pretty good.

This is getting long, so I'll hit another reply to provide the update on where things with Samoa stand.
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