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poor pinky

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Always gets hit upside the head knocked over or something.

I was just playing with all the other kitties an pinky decided to get up from her hiding place ... I didnt see her and I hit her right upside the head. It even hurt my hand.

She seems fine now but I feel bad.

Does anyone else have one cat in particular that always seems to get bopped?
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Awwwwwwwww poor Pinky.

In my house its always something happening to me. A cat will run between my legs really quick and to keep from stepping on them I try to avoid them and end up falling down the stairs or something similar.
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Kinda like your cats almost making you trip .. my boyfriend claims that the fuzzy kitty made him trip and drop his cell phone into a glass of water. Im skeptical.... That cell phone is kinda ruined now
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Well i thought Cleo was getting better as she adjusted to the house and not being able to see. But ocasionally she does bop into the couch or speaker. She has a head as thick as a brick, and even though she shakes her head and gets on with things i'm so protective and afraid she might do some damage
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Yes, Chynna! She seems to lead with her head, literally. She's always head butting something or someone, so when you reach out to her chances are it's her head you are going to come into contact with first, LOL
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