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Well, if you need any advice about gym-stuff, I'll be happy to help ya

I do free weights, machines, and cardio. For example, today I worked on my chest and triceps. First was an 8 minute warmup on the stairclimber, then did about 5 chest and tricep exercises with 3 sets of 8 with heavier than usual weights..then did 25 minutes of treadmill on a level 7 incline at 3.5 kms/hour.

But everyday is different..I have 3 different workouts. Legs/lowerback, biceps and middle back, and then chest and triceps.

My favorite of all time is my leg workout..I do walking lunges all the way around a track with 10lb weights..It is AWESOME for your bottom half (mine tends to be larger than my top half )

Anyway sorry to have rambled on, I get excited

I have a problem with my lower half as well, I hate my legs!!

Usually when I go (Depending on how busy it is) I do the either the tredmill/eliptical for 2 miles for a warm up and then usually bike for another 5 miles- its usually SO busy in there thats all I can get on.

But once I get the winter schedule, I'm going to start swimming laps again, which is the best workout ever! Plus, its fun!