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I feel like a horrible meowmy

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Quick background-my front door leads into a small entryway containing a coat closet and separated from the living room by a glass-paned door. The mail chute dumps into the coat closet.

This afternoon, when picking up my mail Gypsy decided to explore the entryway. I wasn't paying much attention, since I was reading a letter about how I can reduce my heating bills So, I shut the inner door and went on my way.

After about an hour I realized I hadn't seen Gypsy around. I was putting photos in albums and usually she would have been around, generally "helping" me. So, I spent a few minutes running around the house, calling for her and looking everywhere. Finally, I looked to the entryway and there she was, sitting pretty and waiting to be let out

Lesson learned. I'll never shut the inner door without checking to see if the entryway is cat free.
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Awww don't feel bad! We close our kittens in the closets all the time, they are just so sneaky! They forgive and forget within 5 minutes
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Panic time.

Poor Gypsy.
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Awww, poor Gypsy! I'm sure she forgave you quickly!
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aww... Poor baby!

My kitties get locked in closets all the time. Usually its when I am getting ready for work and they get locked in there until someone else hears them trying to beat down the door.
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Awww! Poor Gypsy! hehe She doesn't sound too put off if she was just sitting there looking pretty waiting

My cats have a no closed door policy and that includes closets and bathroom doors, and even the shower door when I had those.

There is even a no closed door policy on one of my kitchen cupboard doors below the sink. Chynna opens it and uses it as an entry way to get to the pots cupboard. Occasionally I have closed it when Chynna was inside, but all she does is use her head to push it open. Abby has even taken to going and looking to make sure that cupboard door is open (she doesn't use it but I think she's looking out for her big sister) and if it's not she paws it (she hasn't figured out how to open it yet) letting me know that I need to open it.
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Aww, poor Gypsy. But what a sweet kitty to be so patient for soooo long! If it had been Mia, she would have been howling up a storm!

Hilda >^..^<
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Poor Gypsy

Mine don't tend to get locked in anywhere for more than a few mins as they will headbutt the door really loudly and cry like they are being attacked big babies. They also have a no closed door policy!
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I've shut Mistoflees in closets before. Couldn't find him one day- called for him after a few hours. Found him in dd's closet.

Then (and everyone's gonna call me the bad mom) he got shut in the car. We've got a minivan, and I opened up the back hatch b/c that's where the groceries go when I get them. He'll come and "greet" the car, then saunter over to the door to be let in.

I brought everything in, shut the car and didn't think anything else of it. After a couple of hours, I couldn't find him, and started looking for him. This poor kitty gives me a panic face from the inside of the van! THANKFULLY it wasn't a horribly hot day in the middle of summer (it was winter, maybe 50 or so) - I don't want to think what could
have happened I check now to make sure nobody's in there before I shut any doors.
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Awwwwwwwww poor baby.......... mine would be screaming as soon as they wanted out, I hope.
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Poor baby! At least you discovered her soon. We have a similar set-up, and one time Jamie ended up spending the night there (and destroying the toilet paper in the powder room off of it). Now I always check to make sure he hasn't followed me there when I lock up before going to bed. That area is out of bounds, so naturally he slips in there every chance he gets.
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Gypsy just saw one of the Magic Doors open and needed to check it out. She was probably happily exploring for quite a while before you found her.
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Oh, you're not a bad mommy! An hour isn't too much.
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I'd say "Poor Gypsy", except she was probably having a grand ol' investigation for most of the time. Poor Mum, though!
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That sounds like me shutting Trout in the closet by accident I always realize it after a few minutes though
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
That sounds like me shutting Trout in the closet by accident I always realize it after a few minutes though

Duke likes to follw me everywhere so when I open a closet to get my shoes he runs in. I closed the door, not paying attention. I came home 2 hours later and I hear a meow of greeting and I can't find Duke. Put away my shoes and guess what I find.
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last month i went to get mail-the front door goes into the enclosed porch...shut the main door went out got mail(leaving the screen door open) come back in and about 20 minutes later i am on computer and hear a scratching noise i turn to see him in front of door doing all his rubby dubby tricks to the door(when he wants something he gets so happy lol) scares me cause he could have gotten outside and had a good 20 minute lead...but he must have ran out and straight under a box-knowing he isn't allowed out.
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I've done something simalar ONCE to Kitters... She was between the front door and the screen door.. I felt so so so so so so bad. I always check now to make sure she isn't being nosey before I close the front door!
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