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John Doe

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Did anyone else see this show last night? I was pleasantly surprised, I taped it along with Firefly. I thought it showed imagination and promise. There were some really funny parts, too. I hope it makes it, it might be a good replacement for the X-Files.
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I really liked it!!!
It was very different, but very good.
I can't wait until next Friday!!
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I meant to watch that one. The ads caught my eye. What network is running it?
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Darn! I forgot John Doe was on and I meant to tape it because we were out Friday night.

The memory is the first thing to go...
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I'll have to try and watch it next week. It's about time the networks put their heads together for an original show idea. I was beginning to think there was nothing left but reality tv. (Sorry, all you RTV fans, it's just not my thing.)
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I can't get into these reality TV shows either. I watched about 3 episodes of the first Survivor, only because everyone was talking about it so much and it received so much hype, but I got bored very quickly.

Give me 24 anyday!!! Woohoo...Kiefer Sutherland!
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It's on Fox, 9pm Eastern time. I don't like the Reality shows, either. And I don't like sitcoms. They annoy me. I like shows with imagination, or crime. John Doe appears to have both, so if it continues to be as good as the premier, I'm hooked.
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What's John Doe about? If we're lucky, us Aussies might get to see it in a year or two!!
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I have never even heard of this show. So it's on Saturday nights then? On Fox, 8 central? I will have to check it out. I am curious what it is about as well. My hubby and I really liked the x-files if it is anything like that.
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Debby, It's on Fridays.

Tania, It's about a man who has no idea of his own identity (Hence the title, John Doe). He does know just about everything else. Like how to fly a helicopter, locate a missing child, and speak Khmer to name but a few things. So he's a supergenius without an identity. He gets involved with the local police department and helps solve crimes.
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I missed it, too because we had no satellite signal (long story with a dispute with the landlords ), but hubby and I really wanted to see it. I'm glad to hear it was good, we'll have to catch it next week. He also wanted to see Firefly, but heard that show was really disappointing.

I was also starting to think that I was the only person in the world who didn't like reality shows! Glad to know I'm not. At least there is hope that they won't completely take over the entire TV lineup!
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I loved it! (Firefly was ok too). I have been looking forward to John Doe since the ads started running over a month ago. I love how he sees in black and white, unless it had to do with the crime he was helping to solve!
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