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Smudge is throwing up!

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Smudge NEVER throws up. Stumpy is our only kitty who throws up, and she does it once every couple of months.

Smudge has thrown up 3 times today! I was away for the first two, but the third one I'd just gotten home, and there wasn't much that came up, and it looked like well digested food. When Stumpy throws up, the food is barely digested, and she has obviously just eaten too fast and thrown it straight back up.

DH for some reason decided to give Smudge the raw "juices" from the lamb roast we're having for dinner. I'm guessing this is making her throw up - if so, do you tihnk it's serious? Do you think it was just a bit too rich for her?

She's fine otherwise - she was snuggled on DH's chest when I got home, and seems to be acting like her normal self.

My poor little baby
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I'd give it until Monday and see if she throws up again. It could be that it just didn't agree with her. Once we gave Reeses ham and she threw up so we thought that was it. But she threw up daily after that. It turns out she had a temperature, so she had to be put on antibiotics. It is possible that she may be sick. But just wait another day to see how she is and if she doesn't get better definately make an appointment for the vet.
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I don't know what it could be but I sure hope Smudge will be fine.
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Sounds like it was too rich for her. If she's not better tomorrow, then call your vet. Some plain food (maybe some boiled shredded chicken) would be ok.

Normally you give dog's rice to eat when upset stomach, but I don't hear of too many cats eating rice
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I would keep an eye on her and see what happens tomorrow. If she can not keep food down then a call to the vet is in order.

I really think though that perhaps the juices were too rich for her tummy and that might be causing the trouble.
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Sadie barfs occasionally when she get fur stuck in her throat....
My finger are crossed that it was just a passing thing and your baby is OK.
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I'm willing to bet it's the juices that just didn't agree, she's small and lots of things can upset a tummy. . . .can you give her some baby food?
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Poor Smudge, I hope her poor little belly feels better soon.

I had the same problem w/ Davidson last week. I finally figured it out (thanks to Emily!) that he had drank a bit too much milk out of my glass the night before!

Hope she feels better soon!
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She seems to have stopped throwing up - phew!!!!

So hopefully it was just the juices - I still can't believe he gave her that.... It's so worrying when a little one starts throwing up!
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I'm glad she's feeling better

I hate to hear about sick kitties
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It's good to hear that little Smudge feels better. Sometimes their tummies are so sensitive.
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Yep and because DH had to clean up the barf since I was out, he's never giving her people food again
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Serves him right
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what a great lesson for him!@!!!!
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Glad she is better poor baby.
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