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AB gets tattooed with Sandie

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AirPrincess got her very first tattoo today. We had a great time and her tattoo looks AWSOME!!
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Here's my # 14
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What spots did you get them done at, body wise, I mean? Very cool designs! I like!
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Just jump right on that bandwagon, AP! I second the question...What body parts are those?

I love being a trend setter!
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LOL Colby! Way to go! Now you just have 13 more to go to be just like Sandie! Know the two of you are having a great time. Psst? Did it hurt?
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Ok, after exhaustive research and careful looking, I can tell that's the top of your foot, Sandie. Now only Colby has to give it up.
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They both look wonderful, congrats!

Btw, if you remember a few months ago I asked about the tattoo I was considering... Well, I did have it done back then, in the beginning of July, so I have a tribal type butterfly on my ankle too (no good pics of it though), and I love it, still stop and admire it each time I walk past a mirror lol. Dying to get my second one now...
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They look good!! Can't wait to see them in person today...YAY!!!

I can't wait to hit the road and meet you in Rhode Island!! See you in a few hours girls!! Hey Colby, don't forget to bring my cell number with you just in case we can't find each other.
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I am going to let Colby reply when she gets home tonight. As for the places, Deb gets first place on mine. It is on the top of my right foot. Colby got hers on her lower back(very sexy)!!
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If you people are going to have a road trip like this, you'll need to invest in some type of mobile wireless internet. We, the citizens of the 21st century, need immediate updates and gratification!

Upon closer inspection of Colby's pic, I do see a tan line there! Use plenty of sunscreen on that cruise! (My care sheet says no salt water or swimming pools until healed.)
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hi guys! I logged in from Sandies computor.

OMG! I got a tattoo! I bet Ken and Sandie are tired of hearing me say that! I've wanted to get one for awhile but have been too scared to do it. luckily I was in town visiting the ink queen and we were driving back from shopping when we passed the place where she gets hers locally. She made the comment about how that is where she goes. I made the comment about how I had always wanted to get one. Next thing y'know she had turned around and we were on our way back to the place. My heart started pounding before we even pulled into the parking lot. We went in, looked around, and then I chickened out even though Sandie graciously offered to get one with me.

We went back home and within 30 minutes we were back at the tattoo place. This time Ken was with us. It wasn't as painful as I thought it would be, and after it was over I was shouting to the world that I had a tattoo and wanting to show everyone. Which I couldn't do because I was wearing overalls There were a lot of lucky people in CT last night spared the site of my newly inked skin.

Anyway, I'm having a blast! I have a little kaos in my lap that would rather me pet him than type. Wonder if he would fit in my carry-on bag? Probably won't have room after I put Avalanche (the sweetest little white munchin kitty with 2 different colored eyes) in there. Ken and Sandie have the sweetest cats I've ever had the pleasure to be around. They are all uniquely adorable. It's been so much fun to be in a place where there is alway 4 or 5 cats with in a few feet. What a precious bunch they are.

Well gotta get ready to leave to go meet Daniela!

bye guys!
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you got a care sheet!?!? No fair! I'm just suppose to remember what to do.
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hey Deb,

I'm now one of us too! You didn't think I was going to let you join a club that I wasn't apart of!
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Will Robert be surprised that you're an "us"?
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O M G !!! Good 4 U !!! Hope you are having a great trip. You have to tell me all about it. . . ..TLK
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I hope you guys have a wonderful time! Bring us back something nice!
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That is awesome!!! I LOVE the tatoos!!!! I am really glad you guys have the chance to get together and have a good time! Wish I could have joined you all! Maybe sometime...
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The tats look great. I'm so jealous - I want another one! How fun for you guys to be able to get together and spend time face to face. Hopefully someday I can meet some of y'all too.
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hey guys!!

I got to meet Colby, Sandie , and Ken today!!!! We had lunch and it was so much fun to see fellow TCS members. We need to have a TCS get together or something, how cool would that be??

Anyways, thanks Ken and Sandie for treating Colby and I to lunch!! Can't wait to get to meet again, maybe next time here on the Cape!! I know Colby is coming to visit me for October, right?? SALEM!!!!

:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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I think they look great (on everyone but ME)

I have this phobia of needles!

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Oh my gosh Colby!!! I can't believe how similar yours is to mine. What a kawinky-dink! Mine's on the small of my back.
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