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I've been anxiously awaiting an update, too.
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Add me to the waiting list. I've been following this thread (lurking) since it opened and have been sending healing vibes along with all of yours ... I hope everything is alright.
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Me too, this poster was so worried, and now they are not posting. I do hope that nothing bad happened.
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Add another person to the worried list. I hope this is a case of "no news is good news".
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I hope so too
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Had another waiting on news. This is so sad. I wanna fly out there and help!
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Nile? Please talk to us. No matter what's happened, we are here for you. If you need a shoulder or two, we have many here.

Are you OK?
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Nile, sweetie. Please let us know how your boy is doing.
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Nile hope all is well? You are in my prayers...g'night. I will check back here tomorrow.
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I just read this thread and I hope the little guy is doing better I know how u feel our indoor/outdoor baby was missing for a month and some one took him to the rescue and we got him back but when we did he was skin n bones literally but u couldnt tell cause he is a long haired orange baby, and he is also 11 years old, it took some time (we too didnt have money for the vet but we still are taking him when we do to get checked up on) and it is still taken some time at first he barely ate, but now he is eating a few times a day I have to help him to feed him and when he came he couldnt walk and now he is walking and everything, I gave alot of attention and time caring for him and made him feel so loved which he is very in this house and now he is jumping somehwat, but he still cant reach were the food is so i do have to help him, but u have to have a lot of patience and help him do whatever he needs, the first few days i had to help willie get in the litter box, i hardly slept and when I did it was with him, he is still pretty skinny but we are giving him about 3 cans of wet food a day because its easier for him to chew and digest although he is eating dry but I just try to make him as comfortable as I can, U have to just stay positive and think positive !!! Is there any update, I hope theres good news, it might take some time for a starving kittie to get back into the swing of things willies been back since january 11 and well there are improvements at first he would nibble for a minute like u said ur boy was doing so I hope that u guys were as fortunate as us like u said hes a fighter !!!!! Just keep positive !!!! Thats what I did and like I said I did around the clock care as well, so i am keeping u guys in my prayers and I am keeping my fingers crossed I hope that when u update its good news, just remember that we are here for u no matter what !!!!!! Remeber just have hope, everyone thought my willie wasnt going to make it and hes still here, we were also afraid to go to the vet because we didnt want him to get PTS and he pulled through and so if u guys went to the vet I hope all did well please update soon!!!!
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How is your kitty doing? I've been thinking about you both.
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I just read this whole thing...and now I'm worrying right alongside the rest of you! Oh, I hope kitty will be alright...
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Do you know how old the poor little thing is? If he's an older cat it could be Kidney failure or hyperthyriodism. In the end stages of both, cats gets very thin and frail and stop eatting.

PLEASE UPDATE... everyone here is hoping for the best...
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I hope that everything is ok here...
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