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Please help-Starved cat

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Please don't tell me "go to the vet", because I can't.
I know that I NEED to but it's not up to me. I'm 15 years old, no car, no money. I need some expert advice on this. Please tell me if you've ever had any experience or know what's needed to be done in situations like this.
I've had somewhat experience with sick animals, but never mammals, mostly reptiles.

We have three cats, they stay outside. However one isn't ours, a black male, it's the neighbors, but it stays over here more than half the time so we consider it ours. We feed all of them and everything. Our ours are two orange cats. They're mother and son. They're all adults. So usually my mom just goes outside and gives them a big can of cat food and lots of dry cat food every night. Then she goes back in. I don't think she ever thought bout staying and making sure they all eat and eat about the same amount. She just comes back in. Things were doing well. They all seemed to get along. Or so we thought. They've been together like this since summer. Thursday morning I heard something under the house. It sounded like the two males were fighting, so I got out of bed and went to look under the house (we live in a trailer, and since it's winter we let them go under there if they want), but I didn't find them. I saw a hole they made were the soft pink stuff is at, and I figured they were under there. I never saw the orange male after that, until tonight. I was standing at the door waiting for my mom to come in from walking the dog and and I saw the orange male on the door steps, so I let him in for a few minutes to check him out and see if he was alright. He's been in previous fights with neighborhood cats so I thought I'd better check him out. When I touched his side, all I could feel were ribs. I started crying, because I felt horrible. You would never notice how skinny he was unless you felt him. He has a thick layer of skin and fur. Immediatly I got out some cat food and whole milk for him, but he only ate a few bites. Didn't touch the milk. Without even asking my parents, I made him a bed at the back door and I've left a mixture of warm water, smooshed cat food and milk on a plate for him to eat. He's took a few bites of that too. I'm gonna work with him everyday and see if I can get him back to health. It's just I have no experience with cats. I had no idea this was going on until tonight. I figure the back cat must be keeping him from eating. I'm gonna find his owner tomorrow and tell them to make the cat stay over there. I told my mom about what happend, she knows and has felt of him, and agreed to let him stay in the house, but we can't go to the vet because we can't afford it. He can walk, slowly, but he still can walk. He can't meow. He tries to but nothing comes out. He's making an effort to eat, so I know theres still a chance for him. Can someone please, please help me? I don't know what else to do but what I'm doing right now. Anything would help.
Thanks. I can take a pictures if you need it.
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You can try encouraging him to eat by finger-feeding him the smooshed up wet food. You may be able to get him to eat more that way. Definitely keep him in the house for now to keep him safe while he is weak. Check him for lumps, especially ones that feel warm--they may be abscesses (basically wounds that scab over and fill up with pus). In the meantime, keep trying to give him small meals every couple of hours.
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Oh sweetheart, thank you for your love and concern. You are doing the right thing.

If you can possibly get some strained baby meats, beef is good, mix it with a little water and suck that up into a syringe, and see if you can force-feed him, very gently until he can eat better on his own.

If you can't do that, then take some wet cat food and take a little on your fingers and see if you can get it into his mouth and hopefully he will keep it there. Just be very careful and do NOT get bitten.

Honey, we are here for you. You holler for us anytime and someone will be able to answer you. What a love you are. I am proud to meet you. Hugs and kitty kisses from KittenKiya's Clan.

Dang, where are my manners....Welcome to TheCatSite.
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Can you bring him in to monitor him? That is what intact males do (assuming of course) they fight, beat each other up and mate. I know it sucks when you are young and there isn't much you can do personally. How do your parents feel about the cats? If you found a low cost clinic where spaying and neutering and a vet exam is very cheap or even free, would they be willing to pay if you agree to work it off or repay them perhaps? It is really hard for us to help since not only can we not see them but we are also not vets.

The best bet right now, is to bring the starving kitty inside and offer him good quality canned and dry food. You can warm up wet food to make it stinkier if he won't eat it. Would you like us to find some low cost clinics in your area? Or even free spay/neuter vouchers? That will for one stop the fighting and your kitties will be at peace with each other. Just tell us your city and state and zip code. If you don't want that posted publicly, you can PM it to me and I wil help.
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Your situation is soooo sad. First thing, I'm assuming that none of the cats are spayed/neutered. And I'm sure your red boy is being picked on. He may have been in previous fights; he could have infection inside. He could have many things wrong with him.

Not eating (even if he's now by himself inside) is NOT a good sign at all. You could try some boiled chicken and see if he'll eat that. Unless he can be seen by a vet and get some good care he will not be around long. Just feeding them and nothing else (vet care/neutering/shots) will shorten their lives.

I'm so sorry for your situation because you care and don't have the resources to do much. Just keep him warm, do the best you can to get him to eat. Maybe you can get a part time job or even work with the vet to help pay off some medical care.

Without it, your kittys will not live long under the circumstances.
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Thank you so much for the replies. I was so scared I was gonna get fussed out. It isn't that we're bad pet owners, because we aren't. I swear to you, you wouldn't even be able to tell he was so skinny unless you rubbed him on his sides. And it isn't like we don't care enough to rub them. They're usually under the house in their beds or something when we do go outside because it's cold out. We had a cat that lived 22 years, even after being bit by a snake, and she never saw a vet in her life. I have a good friend who knows lots about caring for sick animals, mostly reptiles, but she knows some stuff about mammals too. The bad thing about it is, she's allergic to cats, so I'm guessing she doesn't know much about them. I could ask her, but I won't be able to get in touch with her until Monday. The internet was my only choice.
I thought about force feeding, I just wasn't sure if that would do more harm than good. I will defenitly get the baby meats tomorrow when we go to town. I've got some syrenges here. I forgot to ask about vitamins. Do you think it'll be a good idea to give him some in the mixture? Do they even make cat vitamins? Thank you again, so much.
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Yes, the sick cat is inside. I put up a little fence cut off at the back door where the washing machine and dryer is so the dog wont bother him. I can tell just by that he's real weak, because a normal healthy cat could easily escape from that. My parents don't want him anywhere else, because they think he'll pee everywhere. I am in the process of looking for a job. The vet I usually go to for my reptiles is a little animal hospital about 15 minutes from here. If I look the cats there, I have no clue how much it would all cost, but I could call and ask them. The only reason I take my reptiles to the vet is for fecal exams, and that's only $16, a price I can afford. It would be great if you could find some low cost clinics in my area. I live in Wilson county, North Carolina. Thank you.
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Unfortunately your parents are probably right. He probably will spray in the house because he is sexually mature and intact. Neutering will help, he may quit completely or not, my guess is that he would quiit but it depends on the individual cat.

Maybe that vet has low cost fees for kitties too. I would at least call and find out. Other wise check here:

http://www.lovethatcat.com/spayneuter.html#nc and see if there are any in your area.

Here is a list of vet clinics, not all are low cost and you will find to find one closest to you. http://www.rtplinks.com/Shopping_and...als/index.html

Also, if you know of a shelter or humane rescue group or even a dog pound near you, just call them and ask if there are low cost neutering programs in the area or if there is anywhere that offers it for free if you are a low income home.
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There is a paste called Nutrical that has extra vitamins and calories. You could try to get that from a pet store to help boost his energy a bit. When you syringe the food, make sure you are squirting it in from the side, not down the throat. You want the food to end up on his tongue so that he can swallow it. Squirting it down the throat risks getting food into the lungs.
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What area of the state is Wilson county? I went to the Humans Society in Wilmington for low cost spay.
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Wilmington is about 2 hours from here, maybe more...I don't think my parents would go for that. Wilson county is about an hour from Raleigh. I went out just then and got some stuff for the cat. I got some Iams food, dry food, cat vitamins, some human milk and kitty milk, the baby meats, and pedyalite. I got two types of viatmins, one is spray on, but it has something like Omega. I think it's some type of fatty acid. I didn't know what that does, so I just both kinds. The other kind is a chewable vitamin. I'll crush that up and put it in with the food. So would the spray on kind be best or the chewable kind? Also is it ok to give him pedyalite? I think he might be dehydrated. It sound like he's panting like a dog, but its more like breathing hard. The jaw seems droopy, but I think that may be because of the weigh loss around that area.
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Maybe you would want to make up the kitten formula for him. I don't know, anyone else think that might work? I don't know it, but it is posted all over this site. Involves vitamins, baby food, pedialyte, and some other things...

Nutrical is definately good, that is from a pet store. I think the chewable vitamins would be better then spray on, I never heard of spray on ones
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The pedyalite is fine for him, check the baby food to make sure you didn't accidently pick up any with onion in it. I think it's Stage one you should have, I'm not sure with the vitamins but I know someone will get back to you on that one. Try and warm the baby food up some. You can stick it in a small measureing cup and warm it at 5 second increments in the microwave. Be sure to stir it every time and put some on your wrist (or is it inner elbow?) to check the temp. You don't want it to be hot. Just warm on your skin. Don't give him human milk. The kitty milk is perfectly fine. In fact, you can mix some baby food, the kitty milk and some pedyalite together and give it to him that way.

I hope you kitty gets better real soon!!
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I have some bad news and some good news. He threw up the food he ate earlier today, and hasn't attempted to eat anymore tonight. I got a little bit of water and pedyalite in him with a syrenge. I didn't want to force feed him, not tonight. I'm gonna let him get some rest and see what I can do in the morning. I picked him up and moved him in his bed a few minutes ago, and he started having some sort of attack. He would cough, gag, and make crying noises (like a baby) all at the same time. It lasted for about 45 seconds. After that, my mom said she would call the vet Monday if he was still alive. I couldn't believe it. I really, really, don't want to pick him up anymore. Does anybody know if the vet can come to my house and see him there? I only moved him a few inches. I'm pretty much expecting the vet to put him down if he even lives that long. I feel so terrible . I don't know what else is wrong with him to make him have that sort of attack...something internally, like maybe his lungs. I don't know. Thanks again you guys. I'll keep you updated.
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Thank you Chrissy. I was using human milk. Maybe that's why he threw up today, maybe? I'm using a mixture of baby food, cat food, dry cat food, pedyalite, vitamins, and milk. I was trying not to use a whole lot of intgrediants at the same time, but I'll space it all out tomorrow. I don't want it to upset his stomach.
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This cat has more than likely been in a fight, or collided with a car. Generally, when they are injured, they go to ground (hide) some cats are fortunate enough that their bodies manufacture enough ACTH to regenerate, but not all cats are this lucky. If he had to lie low over 3 days, unable to eat, he got caught up in anorexia and now although he is skinny, he is not hungry. His body is basically feeding on itself.

The vet can come by and put him out of his pain. It is called a farm call if you live rurally or a house call if you live in town. Just from what you have described, it sounds like he might have internal injuries. He really does need a vet. It is not uncommon when two males are fighting, that one runs away without thinking and straight into traffic.
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Here's a link that lists North Carolina vets by city :http://www.netpets.org/birds/vets/northcarolina.html
I feel sorry for you all, esp. the kitty. The main thing is to ease his suffering. If you give him water to drink, just place a few drips on his tongue at a time, so he doesn't choke. Also, try to keep him warm, if you haven't done that already - with internal injuries, they have difficulty keeping their temp. up. I am sending {{{prayers and vibes}}} that you find a vet who will be willing to come out and help you! Bless you for all that you have done so far - the kitty knows that you are trying Susan
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I saw a hole they made were the soft pink stuff is at, and I figured they were under there.
Are you talking about insulation? If they were hanging out in insulation and it got all over their fur and then they cleaned themselves off, could this cause a problem?

I don't know anything about cats, I don't even have one. (I'm just here to learn about them as I am considering getting one.) But I do know that the stuff insulation is made out of can cause problems to humans if inhaled or ingested. Anyone else know anything about this?
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Yeah, fiberglass... that stuff is nasty. I got it all over me when I was gutting this house that got flooded, and my skin got horribly itchy. I don't know what it would be like to breathe it in, because we all wore respirators.

Do you have a heating pad? You could put that in a box, cover it with a towel, and put your sick cat into it. Make sure it's warm but not hot. And keep him hydrated as you are doing now, offer KMR (kitten milk) and mooshy food if he'll take it.

I think perhaps just spending time with him may help; cats are not near as socially oriented as we humans, but if he enjoys your presence, then it should help to have gentle contact. If you are afraid to touch him mostly, then just stroke the sides of his face and behind the ears... most cats like that. I know my Daffy wanted to lie in my lap when he came back from his neuter surgery and was still feeling woozy from the anesthesia; he stayed like that for half the day, and he isn't usually a lap cat. As a bonus, your body heat could help him stay warm.
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No matter what happens, please rest assured you are showing him love and kindness. I agree it sounds like he's got internal injuries from a fight or car. If he was hit by the car, he might not have external injuries but could very well have internal ones.

It will be amazing if he does pull through But more then likely he won't so you have to prepare for that. Maybe your mom will be more willing to get your cat's mother spayed and keep her inside.
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Human heating pads on a cat so frail can easily cause burns to already compromised skin. If he is inside the home, be sure the room he is doesn't have any drafts of air. You can fill soda pop bottles with hot water, wrap those with towels and tuck them around him, but not on him. Or take some old socks, fill them up with rice, tie the ends and microwave the socks for about 30 seconds.

Look at your home as a comfort station. Perhaps you will be the last kind face this unfortunate creature will see before he passes. Perhaps the care and love and attention you show him will give him the courage he needs to battle whatever is wrong. If you can get him to the vet that would be the best course of action. Even if he does get to the vet, it might be to late. You just never know and you just do the best you can under the set of circumstances you find yourself in.

Good luck to him and to you~
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Thanks guys. I have some good news. He's eaten about 2 teaspoons of food through a syrenge, not much, but from the little bit he ate yesterday and threw back up I didn't want to push it. So far he's kept it down. He's a fighter. He'll get up and walk around a little, let you rub him...he adores it. He'll smell of the food a little but he wont attempt to eat any. Off to the vets in the morning. Keep him in your thoughts. Thanks again...you guys are awesome!
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Build him a cave to sleep in. You can use a cardboard box flipped on its side draped with a towel, soft bedding inside with enough space for the cat to slide under the towel and lie down. You can use a cat carrier with the door removed (if he will go inside of it) I am betting you put enough soft bedding in there, he just might. They like cave-like dwellings when they are NDW (not doing well) Good luck at the vets
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It is hard to tell what the underlying problem is with your kitty. It could be anything from the dreaded FIP to something he ate. Including all that pink stuff under your trailer. That is more then likely fiberglass insulation, which could be deadly to an animal if they ingested it. I would be like swallowing tiny shards of glass. But It's critical to get nutrition and liquids into a cat who is severely malnutritioned like that, no matter how he got that way. One of my cats recently quit eating because of stress and inflammed bowel. It only takes 2 days of not eating or eating very little, for it to affect a cat's liver. Look inside his ears and the whites of his eyes. If they have a yellowish look then the cat is in trouble and probably has fatty liver (which would be secondary to whatever else is going on with him). I'm sorry but... Without IV fluids and antibiotics, it is not real hopeful. One thing I can tell you to try is syringe feeding. Puree' canned food with some water in a blender and feed it to the cat in a syringe or a dropper. The syringe is easiest. It still may not work. You'll have to get an awful lot of food and water in him throughout every day to save him (a lot more then 2 teaspoons). My cat went in for 3 days of IV fluids and antibiotics or he would have died within a couple of days. After the 3 day vet stay, I had to syringe feed him until he started eating well on his own. I also mixed nutrical with the canned food and water to put some weight on him a little faster. He had gone from 10.2 lbs to 5.8 lbs. That was in October. He's now about 9.5-10 lbs and doing well.
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Please keep us posted. I'm in tearing just reading about what the poor thing is going through. You are a very loving and caring person. Bless you and him.
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Well Nile, I can see that there are two fighters here, you and him.

You are doing so well, how proud we all are of you. Please keep us updated on our kitty and we will do all we can to encourage and help you.

Hugs and kittykisses from KittenKiya's Clan.
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I second what KittenKiya said. I have my fingers crossed that your boy will be fine.
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Hey Nile, how is he doing? Hopefully things are better with him.
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The cat was supposed to go to the vet today, I think, from what I could understand from the posts.

I hope she or he lets us know something.
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Any updates yet?? My keyboard was on the fritz, so I couldn't post it, but I have adding my {{{prayers and vibes}}} to yours. I get so worried when I don't see updates; I think that our young poster may be too sad to write; hopefully, I'm wrong and s/he is just too busy....
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