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Gypsy is my ferocious guard-cat.

My neighbors with Rottweilers had their house burglarized. No one dares break into my house.

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That is adorable, Gypsy is gorgeous
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That's great!!
Looks so ferocious!
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OMG how funny! I need one of those signs!
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Be afraid...
Be very afraid.
What a sweetie pie.
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What a great sign!
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Gypsy looks so on the alert And the warning sign makes a great deterrent!
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Yeah, sorry, if you want that sign to work, you're going to have to tell Gypsy to quit looking so sweet sitting in that window!
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Maybe this one would be a better deterent:

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Originally Posted by Lorina View Post
Maybe this one would be a better deterent:
Ok that one will definitely work
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awe that is sooo cute such a gorgeous kittie I have 2 labs and yet my Bella is a better watcher then them, they are scared of her, they wont walk past her I think I need to get one of those signs but o my gypsy is such a gorgeous kittie and look at those fangs
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The difference between the first and second picture is pretty significant. I'd stay away from a kitty like that.
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