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Sending vibes that he continues to improve. He is obviously a fighter.
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Originally Posted by jcribbs View Post
Toe Stood Up.........toe Stood Up!!!!! HaHaHaHaHa

He did not stand long but he did get on his feet all on his own...

He has Struvite crystals in his urine. This can be controlled by diet low in magnesium.. and they are going to attempt to make his urine more acidic because that will dissolve this type of crystal and help prevent new ones from forming..

He is going to have to eat a food called SB for a month and then they are going to do another urinalysis and at that time depending on the results he might change food. If at that time, the crystals are dissolved, he will eat a food called CB....

And that's all I know now. I told them this morning it was possible that him not standing earlier might have something to do with his body being sore from being stuck so many times with needles. He was stuck in his stomach, all up and down his back and he also has stitches in his private area along his penis to hold the cathyter in place. He is such a baby that he probably just lay there wanting his mama. And that's ok.... He will always be my baby kitty man... and this little kitty man has went through absolute hell.

But he is also very weak still.. But he is better and they also said he did attempt to eat a bite or two... That is very encouraging too.

I am soooo happpy that toe stood up!!! And that he tried to eat!!! I feel like we made it to the vet just in time to turn it around. I think he is going to live now...


That is the best news ever Jenn, I am soooooooooooooooooooooo glad that toe stood up, even if only for a minute. And it sound like him trying to eat is also a good sign.

I am still sending prayers from Mississippi for toe and for you. Please continue to keep us posted on his progress. I wish the vet would let you see him before Wednesday, I think toe probably misses you and he might would start to feel better if he just saw you. He is probably scared of the vet place too, all them other sounds around that he is not used to.

Sambo never stayed at the vets without us, if we went to see the vet and he couldn't see him right then we left and went home, I think Sambo woulda got freaked out by all the sounds going on, when we went somewheres Sambo either went with us, or he stayed with my daughter, or the neighbors come and took care of him. He never got boarded anywheres.

Anyways I hope to hear that toe improves daily.
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Aww, I am just catching up with this Jenn, and am so pleased that he seems to be doing well - I am sure he will pull through this just fine, producing yellow urine is a good sign, and I am sure they will be able to dissolve the crystals. Fingers crossed for his kidney function. I do hope you can manage on the food side of things. I suspect that it isnt just neutering that means pet cats get this more than ferals - pets are more likely to be overweight and get fed things like dry food (both contributors) than feral cats.
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Toe is a fighter.
Have his kidneys started producing urine?

Please, post a thread for asking for help, about the type of crystals that Toe has in the Health forum.
You should get a lot of feedback there.

Toe Man
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The love on the board never ceases to amaze me.

Jenn, you have a very special cat in Toe Man but you already knew that huh? I'm adding my vibes to the rest. I bet you can't wait to see him Wed. It wouldn't surprise me if he demeanure changes when he sees you. It could give him another much needed boost on his way to recovery.

{{{{get well soon Toe}}}}
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This is certainly the best news I've heard all day. You rock little Toe man. We're all pulling for you.
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Jenn, I'm so happy that Toe Man is improving.
When I read that he stood up and took a couple of bites of food it brought tears to my eyes.

You have a real fighter there and that picture of him as a kitten has to be the cutest thing I've ever seen.
He just as handsome now, only bigger.

I will keep you and Toe Man in my thoughts and prayers.
Something tells me that he's looking forward to Wednesday as much as you are.
Bless his little heart.

How our boy Charlie doing?
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It's wonderful to hear that Toe man is doing better. He's working hard to recover and get home to you. More {{{get well soon}}} vibes for Toe Man.
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When my Polly had struvite crystals, she went on s/d and then c/d after the crystals were dissolved. It works great, so it should work for Toe Man, too. Do they know what caused the crystals?
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Awww...Toe Man you were such a darling little kitten!!!

And such a fabulous fighter now! Thank goodness the situation has improved!!!
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PurrPaws--Right now they don't know what causes the crystals.. The vet suspects it might have been some sort of bacteria but right now, he cant' find anything.

Graciecat--Charlie is doing great..! Since Juan has been gone, Charlie has learned how to sleep in the corner of the couch. He's such a little guy that he will win Juan's heart over when he see him snuggling the cats... The dogs and cats are letting him use the food bowl now.

Xo--Yes, his kidneys are producing urine but the vet is hesistant to remove the cath yet. He will keep it several more days. It will probably be next week before he comes home. The vet hopes that toes kidneys/bladder are not damaged. I talked to him at home just a few mintues ago and he told me if it had been a couple more hrs, Toe would not have made it. The special diet the vet is putting him on [science diet S/D] will dissolve any crystals in his bladder. We are going to use the canned variety. I am also thinking of putting Yellow cat on it as well. He is an older male as well. I am going to ask the vet about it.

LSULOVER--I can see Toe whenever I want. It's just that the vet is a long way from me and Wednesday is my day off. The roads have been bad here but right now they are thawed. The vet is a good hr away on clear roads. The local vets in our immediate are not that great. When I first called this vet I took a chance as we had not used him before but we had heard about him and we heard good things. And they were right. I told him tonight he was a miracle worker... I don't have to leave for work tomorrow until 2:45pm so I am going to see Toe man tomorow morning early... I just got back from gassing up.

white cat lover--I have no idea when Toe can come home. It all depends on his progress. He will live at this point but not totally out of the woods. Right now, his tinkling is dependent on a cath. We don't know if he will be able to produce urine and PASS IT on his own until it is removed and that is days away. And still not sure of any permanent damage.

I will say this about Toe.. He is a fighter. I can't wait to hold him tomorrow... The vet also said that he does not understand why Toe did not cry out in pain. He suspects he was beyond that point and since I work nights and sleep days I missed it. Which is making me feel so damn guilty. I work, I sleep and the rest of my time is devoted to my animals since the kids are grown and gone. I'm not sure what I could have done different but I am on a major guilt trip right now. I feel keeping a constant source of food down helped cause this as well.

I am blaming myself. I am not looking for someone to say "Aw...not your fault", so don't say that to me, but I do feel I am partially or totally at fault.. I should have known. I even rubbed Toes belly the day before he went to the hospital and he did not act like it hurt him, but the vet says if he massages Toe's belly, he is crying out in pain. It just doesn't make sense. My poor little toe man probably feels abandoned right now. What I would like is constructive criticism if anyone has experienced this. How did your cat act? Do all cat howl when in pain? Has anyone ever experienced a cat in pain that did not cry out? Toe was in the house nearly all the time. He is not an enclosure kitty. He is the only one that we let out the front door with us when we are working or sitting on the porch because he sits with us or watches us work. He does not stray. He sits with us. He sleeps over our head on our pillow when we sleep during the daytime. We have been with him 24/7 nearly except when we work and I never saw him act like he was in pain. He played until just a couple days ago. I am so confused by this.
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Hang in there Toe.
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I'm glad Charlie is feeling more and more at home each day.
Prayers are still coming Toe Mans way.
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Thank you Gracie and Xo.
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A friend of mine had a cat that developed crystals and he never cried out in pain either. He was an indoor/outdoor cat. He didn't completely block and the only reason she knew something was wrong was that he got out of the litter box and went a little outside of the box and it looked like pure blood. She thought he had been poisoned. All cats are good at hiding pain some more so than others, it is a built in survival instinct. If he hadn't went on the floor inside when he did he probably would've went ahead and blocked and been like your cat was. He wasn't in an enclosure and may have died without her even knowing anything was wrong.
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I've been reading this thread daily, and I'm so glad to hear Toe Man is improving. I'm glad you are going to see him tomorrow! I hope he'll be home with you very soon.
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Jenn many hugs to you!!

Jenn, you dont need anyone telling you when any of your animals are sick. You knew Toe was sick when he was sick because he let you know.

If he screams with the vet then thats how Toe relates with the vet. Thats not how you relate with your animals. You are in tune with them on a completely different level.

Many hugs and prayers for you and yours, Jenn, you are an angel!
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Jenn many hugs to you!!

Jenn, you dont need anyone telling you when any of your animals are sick. You knew Toe was sick when he was sick because he let you know.

If he screams with the vet then thats how Toe relates with the vet. Thats not how you relate with your animals. You are in tune with them on a completely different level.

Many hugs and prayers for you and yours, Jenn, you are an angel!
I hope you are right Pami.... This is just stressful.. And it's more than just
toe.. You know when you have lots of animals, there is always one that just is special. I don't mean you love them more but the relationship with them is just a little different. I have a lot of cats and most of them are friends with each other. They love Juan and I but most are cats interested in playing and being cats. Toe, Yellow, JJ, Cleo and Kissy are different. They are into people. Cleo only like us and no other and the other 4 like all people. They are people cats. If that makes sense. The relationship with these is just different. They are the lap cats. Others also get in our laps but these 5 sleep with us, are in tune with us and are more like dogs than cats. Most cats are very independent but these 5 crave human contact. Unlike the others. Yellow and cleo and Toe have slept with my husband and I for years and years and years... They were our original cats. You know the story of JJ and Kissy was my daughters and was a bottle cat who still likes to drink a bottle. They have bonded with people and out of all the cats these are our special babies.. The dogs even have a different type relationship with these cats. I love them all but these are just different in terms of how we relate to them because they demand it. Yellow is my husbands baby. Yellow waits for my husband to go to bed and he follows. Juan calls Yellow and Yellow comes running to him. JJ is the same way with Juan. JJ craves human contact. Cleo and Kissy and Toe are that way with me.

I want Star to be this way.... She eats out of my hand now if I have something tasty.

Pebbles and Flower [little sister] will be this way when they get older. I can tell. They love loving but they are still more into cats than people.

I gotta go.........

I am tired.... long day tomorrow
thanks, Jenn
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Oh Jenn! I'm sooooo glad you were able to get Toe to the vet!! It's obvious how much you love this little guy. Go Toe, go!!!

I've never had a cat with this type of problem, but I've had a sick cat who had to stay at the vet's for a week. I'd only had her for 2 days before she had her prolonged stay and the vet was amazed at how much better she was with my visits. (She knew who her meowmy was even then!) She ate A LOT for me while I was there with her compared to when they would feed her the rest of the time. She was alert. She drank water for me. Toe KNOWS you love him. When you see him tomorrow, he'll be sooooo excited!! I'm sure your visit will perk him up and encourage him.

Please keep us posted and let us know how your Man is doing!!

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When Nugent had to go to the vet with Struvite Crystals, he never showed me that he was in any pain. I more or less stumbled on the discovery when I first saw a spot of blood on the bathroom floor.

My first thought was that one of the cats had gotten hurt, (probably their paw), and I'd have to try and find out which one among those 72 paws. While pondering that Nugie was there wanting attention so I was rubbing his belly and saw a red spot low on his tummy.

He wasn't totally blocked, but he did have crystals and a bacterial infection that took three courses of antibiotics to clear up. I still have to take him back for one more check to be sure they are all gone.

As I said, he never showed he was feeling bad, never peed outside of the box or any other obvious signs.

Another instance when I had a cat that should have cried and didn't was when Magic was most likely hit by a car. He came in the house that night and went to bed. I didn't realize he was hiding and in pain till I went to the mailbox the next morning and found his collar with the smashed bell in it. Then I tracked him down and got him into the vet. He had a broken jaw and never uttered a sound for us to hear.

As has been said, you knew your little guy was ill and you've done what you can to help him. You have no reason to admonish yourself.

As far as male neutered pets being the only ones to come in with crystals, I have a couple of thoughts about that.

Not many vets get to see much of intact male ferals to put them in test groups. Perhaps the pet food companies should have better regulations on what they sell as supposedly healthy and balanced diets.

I think those of us here and other similar groups are the lucky ones that get the much needed info on what our fur families need and know what to look for and what to avoid regarding food, health and other such issues.

I've seen it said before that some cats are predisposed to certain problems such as crystals due to heredity. That is just like certain illnesses with humans tend to be inherent.

Ya know how there is the person that always seems to be in the peak of health when they live on junk and never exercise when another does everything right and still can't seem to catch a break. Some things just happen.

Focus on taking care of you and your family as you have always done. I've always admired the care you give since I first read your posts here.
I think you are a wonderful caretaker!

(As always, sorry about the novella, but I just never seem able to stop myself).
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Jenn, there is no need to feel guilty, and at the moment, you need to focus on getting him better, you did everything you could for him, and noticed things that not everyone would have noticed. I have had 3 cats with cystitis (my vet doesn't test for crystals) - all showed entirely different symptoms - one was strong smelling wee, nothing else, still using the box, one was spraying but still using the tray as well, and one was the classic squatting and straining outside and producing slightly bloody urine. And if I hadn't witnessed the last one squatting, I wouldn't have known cos the day after she was fine!! Dont think any of them cried out in pain, as that isn't a cat's way of dealing with something. I was asked to help out with a cat via my vet last year - cat was only 12mo, owner had taken him to be pts, vet tried to give him a chance, but it turned out she had left the cat days without being able to wee, his urine was grape colour and had caused major kidney failure - that is the kind of person who should feel guilty, not you.
I think Tru has a good point re the ferals - they could get it, but they just dont always have people watching out for them and getting them to the vet.
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Jenn, I'm so glad that Toe is showing improvement. I know you're "kicking yourself" for not catching his blockage immediately, but realistically, how could you? Perhaps somebody with just one indoor-only cat who scoops several times a day would suspect a problem right away, but otherwise, you just can't monitor every cat's excretions at all times.
Continued vibes for Toe Man, and for you. Enjoy your visit with him tomorrow; I'm sure he will!
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Jenn, I understand why your blaming yourself but you did all that you could. In fact, you probably handeled it much better than most would have. With 20+ cats you still noticed that he wasn't acting quite right. That's probably in part because of the special place he has in your heart but it's also because you know and love each one of your cats.

As for him not crying out to you... Frankie is quiet when I handle her too. She never hesitates to hiss or growl at the vet or even at my fiance but if I were to do the same things to her that she hisses at them for she'd be totally silent. I think part of it is because they want to be brave for us as much as we want to be brave for them when they are sick. Toe was just trying to spare you the pain of knowing he was in pain. I hope that makes sense and be sure to give him lots of hugs and head buts from all of us when you see him tomorrow.
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Just checking in with for you and more {{{get well soon}}] vibes for Toe Man.
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I just got up...... Cant wait to see toe. I have coffee for the road brewing now. It sure is cold today. My house is not warm yet. Yall all have valid points regarding pain... and I think you.. Glad Toe is not the only cat who did not cry out in pain.. He hid and isolated himself. It's just sometimes a vet can make you feel so guilty my one little thing he says. Or at least I do. I keep focusing on that one statement he made..... "Toe was probaby beyond crying out for pain".. that just kills me inside. The vet also said Toe was very very close to death. I came so close to losing him that I can't even tell you how close.. From the time I left my house to get to the vet Toe got worse... It was scary.

My coffee is ready. I'm fixing to jump in the shower and hold that little guy for a bit..... Will write when I get back but it will be tonight before I answer each of you........

Thank you for great great stories. It makes me feel better... I'll update The Toe Man [aka kitty guy] when I get home.

Jenn and the gang...
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Just wanted to add a quick line before I leave... Just talked to the vet and they said "Toe is doing great!!" They said he ate and is walking around. hahaha

I told them I am on the way......

He has made it....... He will make a full recovery... I am just sure of it.

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That's wonderful news!!!

Hugs for little Toe, wishing him a speedy recovery.
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When you are feeling guilty...
try to remember that we all feel that way at times.
One of the reasons that we gather together here on TCS is to keep learning about how to better care for our cats.
It is a never ending process.
You are doing the best you can with what you know now....
tomorrow, you will know more, the day after that more & the beat goes on...

I am with you and Toe Man in spirit Jenn.
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So glad to hear that little toe man is improving!
Do not beat yourself up over not noticing sooner. Cats are very good at hiding pain! Hope you enjoy your visit with your little man!
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Hurray for Toe! Hurray for you! Have a safe drive to and from your visit to see your special guy.
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