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I am so glad to hear that he has made it over the first hurdle, hope he continues to recover. Sending lots of stay strong Toe Man vibes.
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First of all, Jenn even if Toe Man didn't hear you...which I have a feeling he probably DID...he knows how much you and Juan love him.
I believe that just like Humans, that when cats..or any animal for that matter, have someone who loves them that can help so much in recovery.
Plus he must be a very strong little man and that is a point in his favor also.

I'm so glad that Toe has come this far and my prayers will sure be going out that the recovery continues.
The Vet and his Son sound like wonderful people, bless them both.

I don't know how religious you or anyone on this board is, but everytime one of my cats has ever been sick I've always prayed to Saint Frances to make them well.
When Gracie was a kitten there was a time that she simply stopped eating and we were having a hard time trying to force feed her...the Vet told me that he didn't hold out much hope for Gracie.
I believe with all my heart that the prayers I said to Saint Frances then, helped Gracie though and now six years later, she might be a very small little cat, but she's healthy and happy and that's all I wanted.

I'll be sending lots of prayers up to Saint Frances so that he will help Toe Man make a full recovery.
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Thank God you got him to the vet in time! I agree with your vet - there was virtually no chance whatsoever that he would have survived until Monday without treatment. Urinary blockages are probably the most common life-threatening medical emergency in cats. The good news is that most do recover with minimal or no long-term complications.

Did the vet mention whether or not he's producing urine at this point? That's a key indicator of kidney function. It will take a little while for his bloodwork to normalize but most often things do start working again. It's really incredible what an amazing piece of machinery the body is.

Sending many vibes to Toe, hoping he continues to recover. And what a remarkable son your vet has! He'll certainly make a fine doctor himself one day if that's what he decides he wants.
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Both you and Toe remain in my thoughts tonight Jenn.
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The vet did not say whether toe was producing urine or not... He told me earlier when I was there that this evening they were going to continue to treat Toe with saline injections under his skin instead of going the IV route. So by in the morning, he should know this... He only said today that it would be around 36 hrs before he could definately say whether his kidneys were normally working again or not.

Having him wake up was a major hurdle indeed.... I'll be so glad when morning gets here... I'll ask him about his urine then.

I'm still kinda in shock about this. I have never had anything happen so fast that was so severe before.

I am so fortunate that Dr Carmichael knew exactly what to do and exactly immediately what the problem was.

And while we were there, a woman walked in with her puppy that was sick too. He did a parvo test on the puppy while he was waiting for the sedation to work on Toe.

All on a Sunday.......
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Jenn, I am so glad that you got Toe-Man to the vet safely, I was very worried about you.

I am glad that you got there early and had some time to be with Toe-Man before the vet got there. The vet sounds just wonderful, and I think with his calm nature he also calmed you.

Please keep us posted on how Toe-Man is doing when you call to check on him.

I will continue to send prayers from Mississippi for you and Toe-Man.
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I just saw the thread. I hope Toe Man gets better. My prayers are with you and Toe. Please keep us posted.
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Here's a pic of Toe Man taken three days ago on Thursday the 18th. He was fine here and gave no indication that anything was wrong with him.... He was eating and drinking and acting normal. The next day on the 19th is what I consider day 1 of his illness. He is such a good cat..

I'll be back tomorrow. Got to leave for work early to make sure I have enough time to drive 20 mph. Everything is froze again.
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He's a beautiful boy.

Be careful driving, Jenn.
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Hello Jenn I am new to the site, but my thoughts and prayers are with you and Toe Man.
Take care.
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Toe Man is gorgeous with his white whiskers & ruff.
Many vibes on the way for your beautiful boy.
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What a traumatic time for you! I am so happy he made it through the first night and send lots of good vibes for further improvement. It is wonderful that you found this vet and his son and can at least be sure that Toeman is in the best possible hands. I know what a shock it is when something happens so suddenly - my Napoleon went from a happy healthy cat to dead from poison in just over twenty hours. Your mind just can't accept it. Good luck from us all here.
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I am hoping toe-man is feeling a little better this morning.
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(((hugs))) for Toe. I hope he is doing good today.
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Any word from the vet this morning?
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Hi Xo,

Just talked to the vet and Toe is not coming along as rapidly as they had hoped. I gave them permission to do blood work and a urinalysis. They are going to check and see if he has crystals in his urine and they should have the results of that in approx 30 minutes..

He is producing yellow urine this morning. That is the good thing. However, he is still very depressed acting and he has not stood up or attempted to walk yet. He is aware of what is going on around him. He made a half attempt to sit earlier but he is very wobbly and then plopped back down. He is still holding his head down and is very very weak and lathargic. That is what is really really worrying them.

They are hoping he does not have crystals. And they might have to do an xray to see if he has more stones.

They told me he is still a very very sick cat...

It's not what they said exactly but the tone of voice worried me greatly. It did not sound real hopeful... It did not sound good. They were saying all the right technical things but there was just something there... I can't go see him until wednesday..

I asked "Is the main objective to get him on his feet so he can be a normal cat so that this can be controlled by diet?" And the reply was yes. He will remain in the hospital for a good while.

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My thoughts are with Toe this morning.
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Toe Stood Up.........toe Stood Up!!!!! HaHaHaHaHa

He did not stand long but he did get on his feet all on his own...

He has Struvite crystals in his urine. This can be controlled by diet low in magnesium.. and they are going to attempt to make his urine more acidic because that will dissolve this type of crystal and help prevent new ones from forming..

He is going to have to eat a food called SB for a month and then they are going to do another urinalysis and at that time depending on the results he might change food. If at that time, the crystals are dissolved, he will eat a food called CB....

And that's all I know now. I told them this morning it was possible that him not standing earlier might have something to do with his body being sore from being stuck so many times with needles. He was stuck in his stomach, all up and down his back and he also has stitches in his private area along his penis to hold the cathyter in place. He is such a baby that he probably just lay there wanting his mama. And that's ok.... He will always be my baby kitty man... and this little kitty man has went through absolute hell.

But he is also very weak still.. But he is better and they also said he did attempt to eat a bite or two... That is very encouraging too.

I am soooo happpy that toe stood up!!! And that he tried to eat!!! I feel like we made it to the vet just in time to turn it around. I think he is going to live now...

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Good news! Yea!!!
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I had the name of the food wrong. I called them back and it is SD and CD. Science Diet make them. The S in SD stands for Struvite. So now I can look it up......

I feel like a happy goofball.
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I'm so glad to hear that there have been improvements and that he is still alive and hanging in there! I'm so glad you were able to find a vet, and a good one at that!!!

Sending out more vibes that he continues to improve!!!
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Congratulations I Am Still Sending Vibes Your Way!!!!!!!!
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I'm going to have to change how I feed the other cats. I will have to have set feeding times twice a day and then take the food up so Toe won't eat any of it. I will have to figure out some other method of feeding in the enclosure. Jimmy and Felix both eat in the house but only if people aren't around the food. I guess they will have to get used to the new schedule OR I could put food out and then shut the kitty door and only open it when the food is up and out of Toes view...

We can do this. Right now I see the benefits of an enclosure with sections.

In my readings the last 24 yrs on cat food, I have found healthier cats eat canned cat food only or a raw diet. There is a larger water content in both of them. Food down all the time is NOT GOOD for the urinary track of cats... Several small meals daily is better than food all the time.

Something interesting I also read. Feral cats/wild cats don't get this disease. It is a disease of the pampered house variety... They [docs] are unsure why this is, but is only occurs in humans pet cats. Since this nearly always occurs in male neutered cats, that could be the reason. Most wild/ferals are not neutered.
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yay! i'm sooo glad to hear he's doing better. sounds like you found a great vet at a crucial time. *more healing vibes to toe man*
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Those vibes are working!!!!!! Thank you everyone!!!

Here is Toe Man when he was just a Toe Kitten. He has always been spoiled.

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That is the cutest kitty i have ever seen in my life lol
I can tell toe man is going to make it .
He has the best owners and more love than the whole world put together!
Thats giving him all the energy to fight for his life.
*love and healing vibes*
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I just caught up with this thread. I am so happy that your precious little toe man is feeling better! I cannot even imagine how scared you were!
Vibes and prayers for you and toe man from me and the gang. He is lucky to have such a good meowmy!
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Oh Jenn...I just found this thread. All my thoughts and prayers are with you and Toe-man right now. He's such a doll, and always one of my personal favorites of your bunch!

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Thank you Renny. I do feel he is on the road to recovery but only time will tell for sure. But today, I am hopeful. I can't wait to see him on Wednesday....
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I am glad the vet wa able to determine what was wrong with Toe Man! Poor guy....do you know for sure when you'll get to bring him home, or does it depend on how soon he gets better?
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