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I was thinking of that too, something that sounds like Tulip, but not Tulip. I like Zulu!
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My last outside feral is named Lippy. Leave his name Tulip and if anyone asks tell them it's short for Too Lippy.

You could just leave it alone. Who is the one that dictates how names are supposed to be given anyway?

My cats all more or less chose their own names by how they looked, acted or sounded. Magic and Monique both came to me with those names and I didn't change them, but were I to have named them Monique may have been Frankie, that's our nickname for her because of all her growling. Nugent got his name because he was the new gentleman in the house. Again, I am rattling on, but you see what I mean.
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you're right tru........... Tulip will just stay Tulip......

And he does look like a little flower.

Here is Tulip [the white kitty] with his sister Flower.... [I'm stuck on plant names]. And Flower is definately a little girl..... This pic is so funny to me. Tulip looks like the coner of her mouth is turned down..... awwww... He is very very loving little cat and very vocal. He walks through the house meowing... Tulip is the most vocal cat I have.

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Tulip sure is a handsome little man.

As far as changing his name I wouldn't, now that I've seen him I agree with you...Tulip fits him.

When we first brought Elliott in I went back and forth for days trying to decide IF I should change his name...when he was a stray he was known as "Kidd" by everyone in the neighborhood.
He just didn't look like a "Kidd" to me he looked like an "Elliott"
He now knows that his name is Elliott but he will also come if you call "El", "Little Mister", "Little Man", "Fat Man"...he's not actually fat, his very stocky...and "Little Brother".

All of our human kids have nicknames, so I guess it just follows that our "furkids" would have nicknames too!
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They are really beautiful cats.
I like the name Tulip for a boy.

Are they Cow's kittens?
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I just read over this entire thread on the edge of my seat! Your love and dedication to find out what was wrong with Toe is probably what kept him going! It was tremendous to come to a happy ending, so glad to hear Toe has won his fight, and the other kitties are well loved and looked after! There is nothing like unconditional love, they love back a million times their size!
Tulip is a beautiful boy, who has the markings of a Royal Tulip (flower) as well!
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XO...... I thought I had told you.....????

Remember before we moved when Juan took cow to the vet to get her fixed they told him she was pregnant... Vet also told him he would fix her but if any kittens survived we would have to bring them home?

And Juan brought cow home. He could not abort the babies and then bring them home.........wondering if they would live or not.

We discussed it and decided to feed her and keep her inside and let her have the babies and at least make them as healthy as we could. It just seemed a little too much to take to bring home cat fetuses to see if they life.. Seemed pretty cruel to t even think about. After we moved, Tulip and Snoopy were born.... Plus three others that did not make it. We have them buried out back. Cow was fixed after they were born and while they were still nursing.

She must have instantly gotten pregnant or close to it. She had them about 4 months after we brought hank, minnie pearl and honey in the house.

Cow is through with her baby days. She is a little bitty girl cat and most of her kittens at less than a year old are larger than her already.

Hank is much bigger than cow. Honey is small. Princess Minnie is larger than her. Snoppy is bigger than her or about the same size. And Tulip is a little smaller but nearly the same size as cow.

Cow, fixed and wormed with all her shots has never gotten big. She has never filled out but she has been through a lot. I am constantly trying to give her kitty snacks that are high calorie.

Snoopy and Tulip are still nursing.

Just checked my calendar.
We brought her first litter in the house on May 16th.
We moved Sept 15th.
This litter was born on Sept 17th two days after the move .

We knew she was close and we had to guard the door as she kept trying to run away. I had her a spot fixed but she hated it. After we moved..... I fixed her a new place. We went to town and came home and she had given birth on the couch. At that time only two kittens were born. Ironically enough, it was Snoopy and Tulip. They were born first and they were both snow white. They had absolutly no color at all. I put her in her birthing area and she had three more. A black/white kitten, a tabby and one nearly solid black. The black white kitten lived the longest. We named her tulip and she lived close to a month. It was horrible when she passed away. We had been nursing her on a bottle to help cow out and had become very attached to her.. They were just all weak. Snoopy and Tulip were always the strong kittens. We gave cow the KMR milk when there were no more kittens to bottle feed. She got a couple of bowls a day to supplement her milk and to make her stronger. She had a hard time with two litters this close together.

She is fine now and Snoopy and Tulip are healthy..... She is just still small. I am thinking of asking the vet about high calorie supplements for her. She is not bone thin but she is just not big enough.... she probaby weighs only about 6-7 lbs. Maybe 8.. She is a little girl. I just feel she needs to weigh 9-10 lbs.

Here is a pic of her I just took a sec ago........ She just has no extra meat on her at all... I know she is healthy. If she could wean Snoopy and Tulip, she would probably gain.

I disturbed her........ Here's a rear view.

She is just a little thin........
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You had told me Jenn but it was all happening so fast with your move, JJ and all the rest, I wanted to be sure I had it straight.

Poor little Cow....still recovering from having so many kittens.
You will succeed in fattening her up.
She sure had beautiful babies.

Cow deserves all the best treats.
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Cow sure is a beautiful little girl.
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My goal is for her to weigh 10 lbs......... 12 would be better...
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If anyone can help Cow, it's you Jenn.

Sweet Cow vibes are on the way.
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Just wanted to say HI.......... working hard getting yard ready for spring.... We went ahead and burnt the rest of the front and got all the leaves away from the house IN CASE of another fire...

got more raking to do tomorrow. Cats all feel a little neglected cause mama is not sitting in her spot in the house loving on them constantly.....

I keep telling them they will love their new yard....... but they don't believe me.
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Hi there, Jenn.
I kind of thought you were probably working hard outside.
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Thanks for the update Jenn.
I will look forward to seeing pictures of your yard.
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Thanks for the update
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I just have to post this series of pic of Toe. I was going through some old disks and they were too cute to pass up. These are probably 4 yrs ago when we still lived in Arkansas. It might have even been 5 yrs ago. He cooperates during a bath but he doesn't really like it at all......

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He does not look happy in the second to last shot
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