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Continueing {{{Vibes}}} for Toe! I can imagine just how nerve wracking this must be!
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No news on toe......... Won't know anything till Monday.... You know I was thinking about his head cone. I know he is soooo sick of that.

It all depends on the peepee pee toe...

As far as the others, they are doing great. Got Jimmy wormed. I tricked him into getting in the crate and then put his food in there. He gobbled it down.

And the science diet..... They are eating approx 4x less than of the purina. The poop has hardly any odor as well. so......I like the science diet. I still have a bag of the Purina and I caught several of them trying to rip it open.. I put it up because I want them to eat Science Diet. I am saving the Purina in case we get iced in or something and it will be spare food. I have like 20-30 lbs of it. I bought the Science Diet on Wednesday the 24th and they have eaten approx 10 lbs... maybe 15.. It's hard to tell. I still have quite a bit in the 20lb bag. I am getting another 20lb bag on Monday. But what I can tell is that for the price it is worth it. They eat much less and use much less litter so with what I save in litter, it is worth it. So per month it's only approx 30-50.00 more for cat food. It's too early to tell an exact price. But on Purina, I spend approx 50.00 a month on litter only since it made them poop a lot. Sometimes I spent 60.00 on litter. On science diet, so far, I have used only used 10.00 worth of litter since Wednesday. The difference is amazing.

Less poop, less food..... I like it. It is definately worth the money and the sense of relief I feel in knowing they are eating wholesome makes me feel good.

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food 108 lbs at approx 60.00 [six 18lb bags at 10.00 each]
litter 162 lbs at approx 60.00 [six 27 lb buckets at 10-12.00 each]

Science Diet
food 60 lbs at 102.00 to 136.00 plus tax [34.00 per 20 lb, 3 per month or 4]
litter 91 lbs at 30.00 [three 27 lb buckets]

This is what I think it will cost per month... approximately.

There is not that much difference. The difference in the poop and in the nutrition makes it worth it. We will stay with science diet.
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well that's encouaging. it's hard to think that science diet has by-products in it. . .it can't be REALLY bad by-products right??????
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Hey Jenn

Has the vet said how long it might take Toe to go peepee once he takes out the catheter? I was thinking that it might take a day or so, but I am not a vet. I was just wondering about it.

Still doing the peepee dance anyways.

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The vet has not said and is a question I forgot to ask. I hope he pees pretty quick since he is drinking good.

well that's encouaging. it's hard to think that science diet has by-products in it. . .it can't be REALLY bad by-products right??????
As far as by products???.......I don't know the answer..... Does anyone know??? I don't think they would be bad by products but I'm not well versed in animal food. I just know the vet said this is better for them than store bought food... The primary ingredients are different I believe. Meat is the primary I think.
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Sending Toe pee vibes.
Be OK sweetie.
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Tomorrow is cath day...... I'll be so glad to see him.......
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Originally Posted by jcribbs View Post
Tomorrow is cath day...... I'll be so glad to see him.......

If you go see him tomorrow Jenn, please give him just a little hug from me please.

Still doing the pee pee dance. Please let us know what happens tomorrow.

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Sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi for Toe-Man and Jenn today.

Let us know when you hear something from the vet.
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Hope all goes well today
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Just wanted to send thoughts and prayers to Toe Man for the big day today.
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Is there an update? Has his catheter come out?
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Well, Toe Man is home!!! It is so exciting. My husband and I went to the vet at around 9:30 this morning to check on him. They had already taken his cath out. So I snatched him up and held him and he lay his kitty head on my shoulder. It was the first time I have held him since last Sunday. It sure felt good to both of us.

The vet had already left for his other hospital but had left work that when/if Toe tinkled he could go home. So while Juan was holding him, I got his litter box our and dug through it to see the bottom of it and low and behold-------------TINKLE WAS IN THE BOTTOM OF THE PAN!! I called the vet tech out and the vet's mom and showed them the tinkle. They were as excited as I was.... Juan said "Jennifer, wash your finger off"............ But he was grinning like a stuck pig.

So we packed Toe up with feeding instructions and brought him home. He has tinkled three times since coming home. He like his litter box. He just keeps walking around the house. Juan and I are cooking portchops outside to celebrate with margaritas. We are both home tonight with Toe....!

What a happy day!!!

Toe looked very relieved to have his neck cone removed too. We had been calling him a little cone head kitty.......hehe

He looks good. The vet's mom told me her son told her how close Toe was to death. She said he mentioned to her that the quality of toe's hair had already had that dead feel. Remember me mentioning that??? He was nearly comotose 8 days ago......

The vet performed a miracle. Also, he had them pass along the message to me that he would give me a 10 percent discount on all shots for the babies. I told them in March I have 14 that will need them. Ten are updated already as of a few days ago.

Also for all the antibiotics, the 8 day hospital stay and all the cath stuff and everything else he did for Toe, the uninalysis, the blood work, the xrays....
The total cost was only $314.00. He is a wonderful vet and is not trying to rip people off. He gives quality care and with my discount due to the amt of animals I have I am in hog heaven... He knows based on my purchases I take care of them and he knows it can be a struggle and he is willing to help me so they will always be healthy.

A very happy ending and a nice new healthy beginning for my little cone head kitty..... He has a long life ahead of him!

Jenn and Toe.

p.s. I will try and take a homecoming pic later but right now, got to make a salad..... Juan is grilling outside. Thank you all for the prayers. They worked.. As did that peepee dance....... He might not have peed without it!!!
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Congratulations {({({({({(Toe, Jenn & Juan!)})})})})}
Enjoy your celebration!
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WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Welcome home Toe-man. It's good to hear some good news!!!! Tons of hugs and cuddles from me for your miracle man!
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Toe man is home your vet sounds wonderful.
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yayyyyyy toes back

Hip hip hooray hip hip hooray
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That is fantastic news all round - for Toe, for you, for the vet and for your bank balance!
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I've been following Toe's progress and sending all the vibes I could that he would be home safe and sound. This is fantastic news

What a wonderful Vet you have there - he sounds like a truly fantastic person.
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Yay! What a great vet. I'm so happy for you and Toe!!
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That is so wonderful!

That first picture you posted of Toe just sitting there sick was heartbreaking. I am so glad he is okay now!

When you get time maybe you can post a updated picture!!
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Wow, that is sooo wonderful, I am so glad he is home and fingers crossed he continues to improve. I can't wait to see the updated pics of him, and your vet sounds ace, that price is incredibly good - I dont know the conversion rate to pounds, but sounds cheaper than some of my vet bills!!
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Here's a couple of pics I took of Toe as soon as we got home. He has explored every single inch of the house again. He is out in the enclosure now sitting in his tent which was his favorite spot. It is the highest point in the enclosure and snug....

I am closing the cat door tonight. I don't want him to spend the night outside. I am going to try and help him take it easy. He has mostly napped since he has been home... and purred. He is very happy to be home. He is so much like a big baby laying his head on our shoulders collapsing....

The first thing he did was check out the fridge. He doesn't realize yet that those days are over for him. I crated him earlier and fed him while we ate. He is so used to getting food from our plates. It will be a big adjustment. Juan and I feel guilty. We know we probably contributed to his condition. We are going to do our best to correct this problem with all the cats.

In this picture you can see his one grey toe. That is where he got his name. Juan wanted to name him "foot" at first but we decided on Toe Man....

I'll take some more later when he comes in. He is getting his first breath of fresh air since coming home. He has always loved the outdoors.

ahhhhhhhhhhhh...As they say "what a relief it is"... He needs a good brushing and a bath but that can wait a while. Maybe next week... He is georgous after a bath. He still has goat milk in his hair and medicine and stuff.... I am just going to brush him in a bit. Next week or so I will bath him. I might actually have some dry cat bath stuff somewhere around here... I also got him worm meds today from the vet but I am going to wait to worm him for 10 days or so. I don't want to put stress on his kidneys or bladder as yet. They are just newly processing again right now. His kidneys and bladders need to take it easy. The worming can wait. I put a little dia-earth in their food every month so I doubt he has worms. I have not seen any. I just like to do the vet worm thing once a year.

And I feel a little nervous. I have never had a cat go through something this severe. JJ had his leg amputed but he was healthy and his life was not in danger. This is very different and I am nearly paranoid that something will happen. I will do exactly as the vet said...

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Yea, Toe Man!! It's so good to hear that he is home and healthy. He looks wonderful in the pics. Your vet is fantastic and his charges more than reasonable.
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I have a question. I have NOT washed his bootie.... Since it was open for 8 days with a cath, I am afraid of getting soap or something in it. He has cleaned himself. Should I just leave it at that???? He laid in urine as the cath drained constantly but I hate to wet his body to bathe him.......even to get urine off. He does not stink or anything so they might have wiped him at the vet. He has long hair.

Should I just brush him and possibly use a baby wipe?

My main concern is getting a germ in his urethea since it was open with a cath....

And Jean44, he looks like a different cat. He was nearly dead. He could not walk 8 days ago and if it had taken more than an hr to get to the vet, he would not have made it. When I got home Sunday morning at 9-9:30, I called immediatly trying to find him a vet that would see him on an off day. I had him at the vet at 11:30 and he was already nearly comatose.. The change is incredible and is a true miracle that he even survived. I feel blessed. Truely blessed.
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by the way, the peepee dance worked................thank god!! And that peepee dance is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time.. thank you girls! It made Juan and I laugh so hard.......
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Oh Jenn, reading about Toe being home, has me in tears! What a miracle Toe is! I know both you and Juan could not ask for anything more than to have him home with you today!

I would think baby wipes would be ok, but cats will clean themselves. I would think as long as he doesnt have any odor, that he will take care of it. If any of your other baby's groom him, they will too.

Oh Jenn, BIG HUGS to you!!! What a happy day!
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I'm am so happy to hear that Toe is home and so glad that the pee pee dance worked!
What a wonderful Vet that man is.
Toe looks a million times better in those new pictures...he's a strong little guy.
I just wish I could pick him up and cuddle him, he looks like such a sweet baby.
Give him a cuddle for me.

I'm so happy for you, Juan and Toe.

How's our little Charlie doing?
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