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More deaths

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It's been awhile since I have been here. I've lost a few more feral kittens.First of all some of them have an eye infection that looks terrible! Swelled eye, green puss; plus some of them are sneezing and acting strange. I have tried to trap them or catch them. Nothing is working so far. What now? I am so tired of the BS, nothing I try to do seems to work. { PS for anyone that sent a PM before I didn't get
it, only a message saying I wouldn't take a PM. Someone else on my PC and decided to "play around".}
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Those kittens are contracting a BAD infection! When you can trap them, the need to be seen by the VET and receive a course of antibiotics. There are several suggestions for trapping kittens/ferals. Try a search at the top of the page and see what come up. If you do not find what you are looking for, I will be glad to share my experience with Goldie and her broods of 15. There are also great feral angels here that will pop in with their expertise!!

It may take time, but your rewards will be worth the effort.
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Put in 'trapping feral kittens'. I did that and it brought me up a whole lot of threads touching on this subject. Good luck to you and the fur babes. They really need your help!
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Hi Barb,

When you say they are acting strange? How so? Are they sort of wobbly on their legs and do some of their limbs seem out of joint? If so you could be dealing with a calici virus in this crew. Which is just another strain of an upper respitory virus. Your best thing to do is just trap them, isolate them if you can and get them to the vet if that is possible. I know much easier said then done. Good luck!
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We've got one little kitten we can't seem to trap. We have taken the have-a-heart trap, covered it in sticks, leaves and branches, and now put food in there each night without setting it. The kittens are getting used to eating in there. The problem is the little kitten we need isn't big enough to trip the trap once it is set. Hubby is going to set up a stick to hold the trap door open, and attached a long string to it. He's already set the chair out yards away, so they're used to that too. He's getting them used to eating in the trap with him sitting in the chair. He will sit, wait, and pull. It worked for a different kitten. It's a long process - don't know if you have that kind of time.

Good luck. Please keep us posted!

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Laurie! What a good idea!
You two are becoming professional kitty trappers.
God bless
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I still find it so funny that my "cat hating" husband deserves so much of the credit! I think it's more the challenge then the actually saving of the kitties, but either way, we all benefit!
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