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Mae & Gonzo

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just had to share this...
When we first got our kitten (Mae), Gonzo was just fascinated by her and would always look for her.

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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww adorable dog and kitten
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Haha, too cute.
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Looks like the little princess has the last laugh!! Her expressions are classic
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How cute is that!
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awe that is sooooooo cute
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Oh how cute
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The "think bubbles" with the pictures were perfect!!!

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I'll move this to pet pics in the cats and other animals forum
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oh my goodness that was priceless
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that is sooo funny.. I love the word bubbles... those are neat!!
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I love how you added the captions.
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Aww they are both adorable. Love the captions!
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Show us some more!
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Good One
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hey thats really good love the captions, and the look on kittys face is precious
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oh wow! those captions are great!!!
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Those are so cute. I love them. I will have to look into how to do that.
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That was too funny! Love the captions!
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