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New Kitten Just Saved Today!

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I Got A New Kitten I Named him Micky today I Saved Him From The Humane Society he Is Taking a Cat Nap Right Now.
He Meows A Lot I Show Him His Litter Box And Put Him Nere His Food But He Doesn't Want Any Of That. I play with him and his toys but then when i stop he keeps meowing when do you think he will become more independant
oh and also when he was in the visiting room with one other cat he just occupied him self but now he wont.
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Congratulations! Your kitty will need time to adjust but please take him to the vet as soon as you can for his 'once over'. He probably wants his 'mommy' and you are it!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!! He'll need time to explore - but maybe try keeping him in a 'safe' room so he can focus on eating and sleeping!
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He needs to get used to his new home; right now everything is new and he is probably a little scared. Keep him in a single room for a while--so he can get to know that room--and then let him into the rest of the house when he's comfortable and eating and using the litter box. He should start eating when he feels a little more comfortable.
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yay for adopting a new kitty! Definately give him some time to come around and get used to things. It won't take too long! And post pictures too! We love those!
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Good for you for adopting a shelter kitty! These adoptees rarely will let you down...just approach these early days with love, and lots of patience, and he'll settle in beautifully!
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Congratulations on your new baby! Hopefully Micky is settling in now. How old is he? Sometimes if their Mother isn't available to care for them, they get adopted out very young, and that would mean he is more sleepy than an older kitten!
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Congrats on the new kitten! Just give him time to adjust and get to know his new home. And a check up is always a good thing for a new member of the household!
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You are a very nice person to have saved a cat. It sounds like you just got him though and he will need time to adjust. I just saved an adult cat and it took her a week before she would come up from under the bed or couch but every thing worked out fine just like it will for you!
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Congrats on the new addition
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Congratulations on the new addition to your family! I'm sure the kitty is just scared and it will take him a little time but he will settle in when he's ready. Just give him lots of love and attention when he wants it.
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