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One cat with lots of behavior problems

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This is my first post here but I guess ill tell you a bit about my cat(s)
My boyfriend and I have two cats, snoopy and woodstock.. both male...both about a year old. Woodstock is the one with the behavior issues.
He seems like he is always upset. Everytime we open the front door or go near the front door he gets all excited and tries to run out. Even when we are not by the door he will sit there and meow obnoxiously, which gets really annoying. He will do this to the garage door too. And in the garage is where we keep the bleach, cleaning supplies, oil, etc. (so that the cats can't get into them). He will also sit there and meow constantly.
I understand that cats are always curious so ive tried to make the inside of our house more inviting to him. And im not joking, we have a 3 bedroom apartment with only my boyfriend and I living in it. So we have a whole room dedicated to cat stuff. We made a play house with cardboard for them.
Another problem: we have a turtle, and the turtle gets all upset and goes nuts when woodstock gets up on top of the turtle tank. We dont want that to happen. So we have tried putting double sided tape on top of it, but it doesn't bother him... neither does the citrus spray. Sometimes I will catch him on top of it, peer my head into the room and he immideatly gets down. He knows he is not supposed to be up there.
Any advise? I am not sure what to do anymore
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My first thought is: is woodstock neutered? If he is, it is possible you have cats outside spraying your home and causing him to react.

You can purchase those small helium filled balloons and stick them on top of the tank with tape. Use a small fan to blow them around. He will go up there to investigate, reach out and tap one with his claws, burst it and off he goes never to go up there again.
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As far as the turtle goes, I hope you're not using citrus above the tank (or letting WS spray there)! Perhaps you could make a wire mesh clip on tepee cover for the cage so the cat can't get on there and upset him. He just sounds rambunctious, as was my now 2 yr old, and really would appreciate your playing with him with lots of toys dragged under paper, or balls thrown, etc Have they got a climbing tree? Mine thinks (thought) he was a mt. lion and still uses it (7' tall).
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