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Mama's Girl - she hates everyone else

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My Cat doesn't like anyone but me. She goes into panic mode when my boyfriend tries to pet her. Even my roommate who she sees as often as me gets scorned. Is there anyway to get her to change her mind about the boyfriend and roommate?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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If she's a Russian Blue (silvery gray/green eyes) they're naturally that way and you won't change her. Even if she isn't an RB, it's 'who' she is and it might be easier all around if you just respect it and not try to change her. It can be maddening I know, but it's not as if she was deliberately misbehaving.
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That's just means you don't have to share her!
Maybe she didn't get socialized well enough as a kitten? or something gave her a bad scare when she was little. There's also the possiblity that if she came from a feral background at all that a little bit of that is left.
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Originally Posted by phoebekitty View Post
. Is there anyway to get her to change her mind about the boyfriend and roommate?
No Tell your boyfriend and roommate she's the "look but don't touch" kitty.
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My Russian Blue female (before being spayed) hated everyone else but me - no one could put their hands on her! After spaying she actually started to be more friendly.

Is your cat spayed? How old? And time and patience will help. Perhaps she was hurt by a male in the past?
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She is spayed and she about 9 months old now. I was told she was born in the wild. I got her when she was about 3 months old so im not so sure what happened before that time. She's not a Blue Russian she's just a spotty mut kitty.
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My kitten, Davidson is like that. He doesn't like anyone but me. He will only sit with me, cuddle with me- he will tolerate John petting him, only on Davidson's terms. Harley was like this as well when he was younger- but after he was neutered he came around to everyone else.
Your kitty just loves you so much she doesn't want to love anyone else!
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My fiance and I have two, a boy and a girl. They both love her more than me, but our girl will use me for attention (and I feel so cheap) when my fiance's not around. She comes up on the couch with me and is the most loving cat ever. But when my fiance is here, I don't exist. Oh, well. The boy, however, only lets me pet him for about three seconds every month; the rest of the time, he keeps his distance.
I figure it's a guy thing.
C'est la vie.
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I have a Mama's girl too... Abby!

Abby adores me and she's afraid of and hides from everyone else. She's 8 years old now. Back in 2004 I ended up in the hospital suddenly and was there for 2 weeks. I had my brother and his girl friend and my caretaker checking on my kitties to make sure they were fed, had fresh water and clean litter.

Chynna, my social butterfly visited with them whenever they came in, but Abby hid in the bedroom. Towards the end of the 2 weeks Abby was still in the bedroom but laying along the far wall and watching, but wouldn't let anyone near her.

So for 2 weeks Abby didn't get any social contact from anyone, not even Chynna because they only tolerate one another. When I got home from the hospital Abby was so happy that I was back that she wouldn't let me out of her site and was pasted up against me whenever I was sitting or laying down.

Although, she did have a one time episode with one of the repair people (cable or telephone, I can't recall which). For some reason she only hid from him for a few minutes and then was all over him like a white on rice. It was weird. She's never done that with anyone else.
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Saki is pretty much the same way, and I've had him since he was just 12 weeks! He loves me and my ex bf but anyone else that comes over he either runs and hides or hisses at them
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My Buffy is like that, she actually now is finally warming up to my SO after 2 years!
I could never figure that out as he is the one with the calm personality.
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My female Kabou is afraid of anyone other than myself. When the doorbell rings or someone knocks, under the bed she goes. I adopted Brandon, a male, last April hoping he might make her more sociable with other people, but I'm afraid her fear has rubbed off on him. Now they both head under the bed or sofa. I felt so bad for my kitties when my son came to visit from out of state for 10 days. He stayed with me and those cats pretty much lived under the bed unless he closed his bedroom door. Kabou was a very frightened stray of 10-12 weeks when I found her and I adopted Brandon from a rescue organization. I would guess they were both scared by someone when they were little.
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stoli is like that too. it's just who he is and I can't change him. but after his bone marrow testing i think he's started to realize that people are actually nice, except for the vet.
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My Gracie is a total mama's girl. She's not at all scared of other people. In fact, she's the boldest of my crew and the first to make an appearance when company comes. She just has no use for anybody but her meowmy. With me, she's the sweetest, most affectionate kitty in the world. With others, even people she knows well, she's just downright snotty. If someone tries to pet her, she literally turns up her nose and walks away. If that person does actually manage to touch her, Gracie will get a look of pure distaste on her face. Seriously, it's like she's thinking "how dare you touch me, peasant!"
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