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My living room-

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Looks like I have about 10 small children Harley & Davidson have proceeded to bring out EVERY single toy they have. Along with all the bigger toys I have for them, and their tent, it really does look like I have a 2 year old, or more!

Please tell me that I'm not the only one that has toys all over... for their cats
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Nah! I don't even bother to put most away! It seems to give them a reason to drag them out again. I just kinda kick them towards the bottom of the cat tree so we don't trip. We don't have company often, but I'll put them up if we do.
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Trouts are all neatly in her toybed...BUT she forgets they are there, and then scream meows at me to throw a piece of crumpled up paper so she can fetch it I'm like "there is a bajilloin REAL fetching toys in your bed...go get one of those, I am NOT throwing a piece of paper"..
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my bedroom is filled with toys being everywhere, I cant really walk i mean they are everywhere
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Nope! You aren't the only one, lol

I have lots of kitty toys for them, but they only play with a select few. So what I've done is put them all into container and left it under my coffee table. Periodically I hear or see one routing through it looking for a desirable toy. Chynna is really cute when she does this. She digs around with her paw and then picks the toy up in her mouth, sits and gives it a bit of thought and then drops it on the floor and tries for another toy. Eventually she finds one that 'feels' just right. In the meantime the basket is empty and the toys all over the place again. Of course they never pick up after themselves, LOL
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No you are not alone Mackenzie...looks like PETSMART blew up in here, it takes me a 1/2 hour to pick everything up so I can vacuum!
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
No you are not alone Mackenzie...looks like PETSMART blew up in here, it takes me a 1/2 hour to pick everything up so I can vacuum!
Glad I'm not the only one, it takes me forever to pick up before I clean/vacuum too! I wish they could learn to pick up after themselves
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Im cruel, i shoved all the toys that they dont play with in a box, and only once did they manage to open the lid and scatter everything everywhere!
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No you aren't the only one. And rescently Macy stole one of my dish towels and my Dad let her have it. So now she has a dish towel for a toy. And Tavia's toys always get dropped into her water bowl for some reason.
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I had to get up super early this morning and go to the DMV. It appears that Anya had a play session while I was gone. There were stuffed animals and balls and toys galore piled up in front of the door and scattered about the living room when I got home.

So no, you're not the only one.
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You are not alone.

Let's see... the first thing you'd see walking up to my door is the cat grass on the casement in the window, then Zissou would pop her head up to see who's here, then right inside the door there would be a scratching post so she can get to the window, a tree/post on your other side, and a turboscratcher on the floor. Then you'd see a giant blue bear bigger than her that she likes to kill (funny to watch her drag it, she can't hardly walk) about 300 little balls and mice and feather toys, her hedgehoggy...then in the bedroom there's her box, her carrier, her windowsill seat... The kitchen is dominated by her fountain and bowls...

Sometimes I feel like she just lets me live with her.
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Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom View Post
Sometimes I feel like she just lets me live with her.
Sometimes I feel the same way!
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Originally Posted by emily_325 View Post
Sometimes I feel the same way!
Same here! Its their apartment... I'm just their slave!
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lol when you said tent.....I admit I was at target as they put a child tent on for 4.50 I bought 3(I did give one to my niece...ALL PROUD OF THAT but they are 4x5 ft and I set it up for them every so often0they LOVE it climb up to the top...i am throwing the first away as it has a few more holes then it started off with... as for toys i have a wicker cat bed full(the cushion long ago got eaten lmao)
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Our house looks the same way! It's bad when surprise guests come over and I'm frantically trying to throw toys in the spare room!
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my two dont play with toys which is a good thing as then I would have both their's and Jasmines toys to put away which would be a disaster
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The girls have so many toys that after Christmas I sorted through their toys. I threw the rattier ones away, gathered up some of the ones in good shape (or that I found annoying) and took them to the shelter where I volunteer.

There are still too many cat toys here
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