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scooter went to the vet

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......for his 1 year vet checkup & vaccination. He weighs a whopping 15 lbs! He was such a bad little boy though. He kept growling & hissing in his crate, and hissing at the vet! He never hisses or growls! He was happy to be home, although, Gizmo does not recognize his smell still He keeps hissing and growling at poor Scooter, even after I gave him a bath!
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Wow! Scooter is a big boy! Must be all that home cookin' he gets from his Mama!:laughing:
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Oh Scooter, you big boy you! Does your Mum have any recent pics of you?
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Of course I do! I put some up on my cat page the other night ....... It's in my signature at the bottom!
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All I can say is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!

PS And that sweet looking furbaby with the handsome face and placid manner was a BAD BOY? Nah, I don't believe a word of it!!
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Scooter IS a big boy! And a very beautiful cat!
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Gizmo & him are acting like brothers, again. Gizmo isn't growling any more!
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Awwwww...phew! Good news!
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What beautiful cats you have, and it really is hard to beleive by looking at his pictures that he could be naughty

Glad to hear that they are all getting on again
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WOW! I was wondering what happened with the vet. 15 pounds! He is Twig sized! LOL! Twig just hit the 16 pound mark the last time he was at the vets. Are you sure the two arean't related? Twig hisses and growls at the vet too!
Hey, I am glad everything turned out great at the vets!!!!!!!
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