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What's your favorite

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Ice cream flavor and brand. I love edy's they have sugar free ice cream that tastes just like regular ice cream and its soooo good. and I love death by chocolate. and I also love cookies and cream and I love making homemade sundaes. my dad loves butter pecan.
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I like just plain old vanilla ice cream, and my husband will only eat Blue Bell ice cream.
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Haagen Dasz (however you spell it) Mayan Chocolate ..... It's heaven .... it's chocolate with cinnamon swirls
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Ben N Jerry's-any flavor with chocolate.
Dove Chocolate is the newest brand I have tried. It has a chocolate shell on top on the chocolate ice cream w/ chocolate chucks & swirls .
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I am not a big fan of ice cream...not sure why because everyone loves it..BUT if I had to choose, it would be mint chocolate chip
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toffee or caramel
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ben n jerry's chocolate fudge brownie or phish food
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my favorite is moose tracks. , goo goo cluster, neopolatin, and tin roof sundae.
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Ben & Jerry's - Chocolate Fudge Brownie
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I'm rarely in the mood for ice cream. Mostly if I do it will be for Dairy Queen's Chocolate Covered Cherry Blizzard. I do like Edy's apple pie ice cream when it's out.
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Well, I used to like a chocolate brownie kind, then that got to be too rich for me, switched to regular chocolate, and now I on a golden vanilla kick. I am not too particular on brand though if the good stuff is on sale I will splurge, even if it's more than the cheap stuff!
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cookies & cream
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Whitey's cookies & cream or Whitey's chocolate chip cookie dough.
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choclate chip cookie dough any brand but shoprites tastes pretty good so usually get times i will just buy plian cookie dough and eat it uncooked...lmao
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Breyer's Ice Cream - chocolate and vanilla.
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Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey
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I love Ben & Jerry's Half Baked and PB Cup!
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also, I LOVE Georgia Mud Fudge blizzards from Dairy Queen! and if anyone has ever tried dip n dots ice cream of the future it's good! If you don't know what I am talking about here's the website.
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Mmmmm, I LOVE ice cream! My fav is one by B&R called Nutty Coconut . I also love their Pistachio Nut the last year or so I've discovered that I'm lactose intolerant and that's put a major damper on my ice cream consumption... Gotta find someone that makes soy ice cream...althoughtthat just doesn't sound very appetizing

Hilda >^..^<
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I love Rockey Road ice cream!! It is my favorite flavor.
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Ben and Jerry's Dublin Mudslide. I only buy it for avery special treat because I can sit down and eat the whole pint in no time.
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I rarely eat ice cream but if I do it's usually something chocolate or with PB in it.
Right now we have orange creme swirl sitting in the freezer untouched but at the time it looked really good. We also have Heath klondikes. Unfortunately I can't eat them until after Wed and I get an ok from the Doc!
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Mint chocolate chip or chocolate chip cookie dough - as for the brand? Usually what is on sale. The WalMart brand isn't too bad.

BYW - I can't stand some of the premium ice creams. Too fatty for my taste buds, believe it or not.
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Pink Bubblegum and it must be from Baskin Robbins! It's been my favorite since i was 2! But now that i'm lactose intolerant i really can't handle icecream. It makes me bloated,cramped, nauscious, you name it So i try not to eat it often. But every once in a while i just can't resisit and will have a little bit and take some lactaid pills with it (it doesn't help much, but hey, sometimes a girl just NEEDS some ice cream) / And when I don't feel like the cramping and bloating that goes along with real ice cream....i will eat the So Deliscious Chocolate Peanut butter swirl- it's pretty decient for soy ice cream- but NOTHING is as good as the real stuff
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
And when I don't feel like the cramping and bloating that goes along with real ice cream....i will eat the So Deliscious Chocolate Peanut butter swirl- it's pretty decient for soy ice cream- but NOTHING is as good as the real stuff

Where do you get that? I don't know if you read my post (a few posts back from here) but I too am lactose intolerant....and boy does it Sometimes I just hafta have some ice cream!

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Originally Posted by LoveMyBabies View Post
I love Ben & Jerry's Half Baked... !
That's our favorite! I was having a midlife moment and couldn't remember the name to save my life ! Brownie and chocolate chip cookie dough, together...mmmmmm!!!
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This depends on my mood and time of the month. The list is as follows: Chubby Hubby, Phish Food, Strawberry, Chocolate Peanut butter, and Chocolate Pecan.

I also love to make my own, and I will use what ever I have around the house. Last year I made a wonderful Walnut Butterscotch.
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