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Tooth Extraction for Pru

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Pru's vet visit last week showed a red gum line and a loose tooth that needed extraction. Originally they thought two teeth, but decided just one needed removed yesterday. She's on antibiotics for 7 days.
DH took 30 minutes to catch her to take her to the vets. He had to pull the washer out to get her. We had trapped her the week before by shutting the doors upstairs. When she ran up there, we had her. She is so smart though, there was no way that was happening twice. DH had put up gates to "corral" her and force her upstairs. She flew right over the gate and behind the washer. Of course I'm laughing because it wasn't me, I was at work.
My question is this: What can I do to prevent these extractions? When we got her, she had to have 4 extracted and is now missing 11 teeth. The vet said this can be common with feral cats. I don't want her to have anesthesia and to lose a tooth yearly. Do any of you clean your feral's teeth? Is there an easy way to do this without traumatizing Pru? She will not come to us or let us pick her up, although she's getting better; she doesn't run right away when she sees us coming.
Thanks for any input.
I wrote about this originally in the health section, but didn't get an answer.
She gets dry food only btw.
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I have been using Logic, they don't seem to mind the taste and as you can't hold her to do it I would try put some on her dry food (like icing/frosting) it might help
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Thanks for the advice Anakat, I'll look for that over here, that would be an easy solution.
She's developed wet sneezes so she's on antibiotics twice a day for seven days now. We are chasing her down morning and night, much to her dismay. She gets into routines, once she does something, then she does it all the time, it can be hard to stop sometimes. Maybe she will add getting caught to the routines. Yeah, right, but I can hope.

5 degrees F this morning, and I had a nice scarf to keep me warm.
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Sending lots and lots of {{{{get healthy prayers and vibes}}}} for Pru!! My vet was able to give my former feral, TommyScott, an injection of antibiotics because at that time, he wasn't tame enough to medicate regularly. I did wait an extra 30 minutes in their office to make sure there was no allergic reaction - he was fine after that (he had infected leg AND broken teeth and infection in the jaw )....Bless your DH and YOU for rescuing your precious Pru
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