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I wish I could explain!

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All my cats are hiding from me, and have been for three days now. I can't blame them - I am pushing pills down their throats and bathing them with horrid smelly stuff that they really hate. They will not lick it off (probably a good thing) and have almost stopped grooming. I have also banished them from my bedroom by closing the door, as I have vacuumed and vacuumed in there and scrubbed with fungicide, washed all the sheets etc, and am trying to get at least one place free of the ringworm spores. But they are so miserable and off their food too. I did give them fresh chicken for breakfast this morning, which they enjoyed, but they will hardly touch their normal wet cat food, only kibble. Then they run and hide again. It is so sad, and I wish I could tell them I am not torturing them deliberately and that it is for their own good. And this regime has to go on for four weeks!
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It's so hard when we have to do these things to them and can't explain why!

Sending many Time Fly By }}}VIBES{{{ to you all
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I can understand that its hard but unfortunately as a good pet owner sometimes these things are necessary
Like Sar am sending vibes hoping that the four weeks passes quickly
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I know how hard it is, but you are doing the right thing. Once they feel better they will all understand.
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Sending you and your crew lots of calming vibes {{{ }}}
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Sending prayers from Mississippi that they will learn that you are just trying to take care of them.
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One good thing about cats is that most of them! don't hold a grudge for long.
I'm sure they will forgive you, but it is hard when you can't tell them that it is for their own good. Make sure you stock up their favorite treats and resort to bribery.
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Awww! The poor babies!

They may not understand, but I'm sure they know that you still love them Have you tried enticing them with a fishing pole type toy or a brush? It doesn't matter how upset my kitties are as soon as Abby sees the brush she's all over me like white on rice. With Chynna it's either the brush or the vacuum cleaner.
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Awww poor kitties and poor you! I hope they get better soon.
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Ellie came on to my lap a few minutes ago and tried to burrow into my armpit. So maybe she forgives me, but she is the most emotionally needy of my cats. I can't brush them as that would get rid of the fungicide that is in the shampoo. It musn't be rubbed or brushed out.
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Oh Jenny Bless your heart, I know it's hard, but our babies are so forgiving
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Have you tried using Feliway or Rescue Remedy to help them?
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Poor kits - and then we have to laugh at Wellington's punk look!

Hiow have they been reacting to the storm?
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Yes, Anne, I have a Feliway spray. But they just crouch in corners looking sad. The storm doesn't affect them as I have double glazing and without the windows open you can't hear it. I opened my window last night because I had shut the cats out and couldn't sleep, so wanted to listen to something!
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I too love punk rock Wellington!

Like Anne said above, they don't hold a grudge forever, and I think once they feel better they will know you were helping them... and lots of treats and cuddles never hurt!
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It's so hard doing all those nasty things without being able to explain. They'll get over it soon enough, but in the meantime, the avoidance and disbelief are hard to take.
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Nothing is worse than when they give you the "Why are you doing this to me?" look. Thankfully, this will be over soon, and they will be back to their loving selves.
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for all your crew Jenny. Rough times right now, but it will be for the best.
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I can sympathize with you as I went through ringworm treatment December 2004. "Catching" the cats to give them their medicine was more tricky as the weeks went on. Thankfully they had no long term grudges!
Good luck with you efforts.
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