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My Clyde announces mealtime by placing his front paws on my thigh and stretching up tall to give me a nosekiss... and if I don't respond immediately, he leaps onto the computer keyboard and kisses me harder!

Ah, those Clydiekisses... I am but his willing loveslave...
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Summer will wake me up licking my face and walking all over me. Chevy just gets more meowy and extra friendly.
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My cats usually just meow or if I'm in bed in the morning they will jump on my bed and wake me up. Mostly its meowing though.

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Radar chews through the bag of the kitten food we bought for the new arrival so that it spills out all over the kitchen floor, and then helps himself

He is obsessed with the kitten food. It is now locked in the bathroom along with his other obsession, the rubbish bin.
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Jordan will hang out by the kitchen and meow his little heart out. If I get a can of wet food out, Baylee will show me she's hungry by rubbing against my legs. Jordan just yells at me to hurry up!
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We free feed too so it's rare that they have to announce they're hungry, but they will run to the kitchen very excitedly if they hear dishes clinking. To them that means WET FOOD! Sadly for them, dishes clinking doesn't always equal wet food for them. They rub and whine until they either (a) get their wet food or (b) give up when they realize they aren't getting anything.
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That's the funny part, we free feed too. They still like to do their dramatic routine.

Leopold has a new thing he's been doing. He gets the cupboard open (just the one that has the canned food in it) ...then he uses his claw to 'hook' the edge of the cans, then the cans fall...they just barely miss his head, then the hit the counter, then the floor, 4 more feet below. Now I've got a cupboard full of dented cans and a cat that needs a helmet!!
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Mistoflees is pretty laid back when it comes to asking for food. He'll meow in the morning when he wants to be fed. He's still kind of mad at me b/c I've quit giving him wet food (see post below about runny poop), so he'll sit at the food dish after I've put the crunchies in and just look at me.

He'll beg for people food. He loves lunchmeat. Dd will take either a roast beef or turkey sandwich into school, and he'll come in the minute he hears the bag open and sit and meow. Same if we're eating dinner. Only cat I know who begs at the table for food.

Sneaky Pie is a pain in the butt. She will meow and cry as if you've not fed her in DAYS. She'll go over to the pantry where the food is, and sit at the door meowing. She'll get under your feet if she's hungry, and yes, she's gotten stepped on a couple of times. Kind of hard to do since she's kind of a "round" cat.
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