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My cat not eating...?

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My 1 year old cat "Motu" has stopped eating completely for the last 2 or 3 days....

It all started when he came back home one day with a limp on left hind leg. The pain did seem unbearable, he was walking on 3 legs. In any case once we realised he wasn't getting any better he was taken to a vet. The vet assured us that nothing was seriously wrong, and prescribed 1/4th a tablet of Asprin ( ) per day for 5 days. He did get better, started using his hind leg again, though with caution. After a fortnight or so, he seemed almost completely normal, and he ventured out into the open again.

However when he returned, not only did the pain in his leg seem to have aggravated. it also seemed to have brought with it a complete disinterest for food. He wasn't even responding to salami, or fish! He growingly was turning weaker and more reluctant to move about.
So we decided that it was time to take him back to the vet, who diagnosed him with slight fever. , injected him with certain medicines, and glucose.

We still have yet to see whether there are any signs of improvement, however, if anyone were able to advise or guide, we would be more than grateful.
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Vet ASAP ... and asprin is posionous to felines
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Actually under a vet's supervision, and unless the amount was increased by the cat owner, the dosage is fine. It is when aspirin is used without discretion, full tablets given etc that you run into problems.

Please see the article in Health on Feline Hepatic Lipidosis, it will give you tips on how to get a reluctant cat to eat. The article is on the website, not the forums here.

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Most human medicine is poisonous to felines because they're so much smaller than we are... if a vet said it's OK, then it's OK.

Your cat seems to have a track record of being hurt outside--I bet he picked up whatever bug he's got from some strange cat. Whatever's going around, I would suggest keeping your cat indoors so he doesn't get it again, or get something worse. If you have a lot of stray cats around, and your cat is around them, he could get diseases from them.

Smelly stuff is great for helping a cat to eat again. Tuna, cooked chicken (no bones!), a scrambled egg (no milk)... You can try KMR, which is what you feed an orphaned kitten and you can find at pet stores. At the very least, getting moisture into your cat is important because a cat can go without food for a while, but without water it won't get any better. Warm broth can help there.

Some cats will lick food off your finger when they won't eat it out of a bowl. You can try that. Also try warming up food so it's more smelly and appetizing. Careful to make sure it's not burning hot (remember microwaves have 'hot spots' and Kitty doesn't need a burnt tongue on top of everything!).

Good luck... Here's hoping your cat gets well soon.
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Thanks... I asked my vet says the amount is fine for his weight...... But Thanks
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Hey thanks .. well Since this evening Motu has started earing his fav 'salami' and looks more active.. but the article was a good heads UP!! for future situations.. thanks..
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