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Please Read This Urgent Appeal For Help!  

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Received tonight from a very caring and reputable person.

To: Mister-Cat@WorldNet.ATT.net
Subject: Fosterparents needed, please read this [Yahoo! Clubs: Animal Psychology]
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 01:03:56 PDT

Dear family,

I'm sure some of you are able to help an elderly couple so they don't have to put their cats to sleep while the man is home in USA for cancer treatment. 8 kitties need fosterhomes for 3-6 months. WHo can help or know someone loving and caring in USA or south of France? I forward this sad letter I got today and I beg you to think fast, copy it and forward it to any caring and loving cat people who has in their heart to be a fosterparent for some months to save the innocent kitties. Also if you are a member of other clubs, please forward it there.

We all know if we had to leave our home for some months we would appreciate help from caring cat people, and I'm sure there's someone out there who can help. I have attached Pam's email addy, so if you have any questions or can help, please write to Pam.

Love and purrs,
Helle and sweet Cindy

To all

I have already emailed the Southern CA list on this but now it's an emergency & help is needed.

Fred & Megan Karlin are 2 elderly (70s) Americans living in France with their 12 cats & 1 dog. Fred has cancer & it has just come out of remission & he has returned here for treatment in Los Angeles. Megan is anxious to join him but has no one to take care of the animals. This has happened before & it was a terrible experience as the cats were
neglected & two died. Megan has said that she will put all 12 to sleep before that happens again.

What they are trying to do is to bring the cats & the dog here for the 3-6 months that Fred will be undergoing treatment. They will have the dog with them in the apt. even though the lease says no pets, but the cats need temporary foster homes. I have already found one wonderful woman in Los Angeles via Melody Baker - Colleen is going to take 4. Which leaves 8 who need TEMPORARY homes.

And they need them desperately. I have talked to both Fred & Colleen right now & apparently Megan is at her wit's end & is talking about putting all 12 cats to sleep tomorrow! I can't believe this has to happen. But the poor woman is older, alone, worried about her husband, & frantic about the animals. Fred is going to call her later tonight when it's morning there. I hope & pray it won't be too late.

Please please please can anyone help out? Maybe take 2 kitties? Fred says they are all healthy & up to date on vaccinations. At the most it would be for 6 months. Maybe it would be less. But these kitties should not have to be put to sleep. We all rescued the Tahiti kitties. Please give these guys some love & shelter just for a short while.

Please email me privately. We can do this. For two elderly people & their cats.


Thank you, anyone who can help!


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Dear Joe,

I just noticed this posting...sorry I did't see it earlier..perhaps the other members didn't see it?????
Nevertheless, what can we do? I'd take them in a millisecond...I just don't have that kind of money to have them deported from France then I think you have to keep them quaarentined for ??? how much time...Please contact me and let me know what I can do do help....They couldn't muster up a volunteer baby sitter for a lousy 3 months, I can't believe it. Now, I just read that this will be by tomorrow.....what a mess!
My heart breaks for them...the older couple...well, their lack of concern pisses me off.

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i missed this post also. in my situation i'm not able to take on any more animals, even on a temporary basis. this story is so sad. i can't imagine putting pets down, even in those circumstances. they aren't disposable.

it makes me so sad.

please keep us updated on what happens with the cats.
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I completely understand where you're coming from! There's no way I could afford the expense which would be involved, either. And, at my home, "two cats" is the limit allowed by the landlord. Alas!

I've no direct communication with the original parties involved, but should I hear any more about this sad situation I'll pass it along. I think the initial hope was that somebody in Europe might be able to keep the cats, hence the asked-for wide distribution of the message.

Helle, the woman who posted the message at Yahoo! Clubs "Animal Psychology," is a very caring cat-oriented person. Her cat Cindy has chronic renal failure, but is living a good life thanks to Helle's maximum effort with diet and medication. She's coming to the United States later this year, to help a cat-rescue facility.

Thanks for your concern. I, too, wish there was something I could do in this situation.

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Mr. Cat..... I would take them in a heartbeat till they could take them back...if there was some way to get them here. (without costing me money....which I have none of.)
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I recieved this email regarding the cats yesterday...it's a shame

Sorry, but I didn't think it would be proper to include this person's email address without permission.

Subj: Re: Cats
Date: 4/20/01 2:43:43 PM Eastern Daylight Time
To: Bufbod007@aol.com


To be fair, we don't know how hard Megan looked in France
to find someone to stay with the kitties. But as things
developed, what they want to do is to move back to the
States & relocate to Southern CA.

Thanks for asking & caring.
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so what happened to the cats?
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Here's a message from "Pam" regarding the cats. I've put this information on the board as a new thread, in hopes people will read it (something which didn't happen too readily with this thread).


Thank you so much for reposting Helle's message.

All 12 cats are still ok, although some days I hold my breath. They are scheduled to arrive in Los Angles around the middle of May. Right now I still need foster "hosts" for 5 of them. A wonderful woman here in the LA area will be taking 4 for as long as necessary & one in Las Vegas will take 3 on the same basis. I would dearly love to get maybe 2 more people out here to do the same for the remaining 5 but at the moment it looks as if the best bet is to get a number of folks who'll take 2 for a couple of weeks & then pass them on to the next.

So we still need hosts, but ideally within ferrying distance of Los Angeles.


As Pam has already made public her electronic-mail address in connection with this ongoing appeal, I shall reproduce it here: pam_norman@worldnet.att.net. Please, everyone, contact Pam if you can help these cats. Thank you!

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Dear Joe,

Thank yo so much for that update Joe...you're so special
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