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Hi, all. I am in Kern County, CA. And as some of you know, I am currently trying to help some cats who have been let out to breed and breed and become feral, and also some young (between 3-6 months) cats that are inside of the neighbors (who let it happen) home, where they are living in horrible conditions, with far too many cats, in a single wide mobile home. According to an Animal Control officer, at the time she came and checked out the situation, there were literally 2 feet of feces on the floor of one of the rooms in this house. Now they have at least 15 cats inside, in the same conditions, and I desperately want to save at least the kittens, but I have no room to foster them, no cages, etc. The 25+ cats outside are going to be TNR'd, except for the younger ones who may be adoptable.

Unfortunately, the shelter here would end up euthanizing them, because they get far too many cats in there already. Animal control would kill them, too. I feel like I need to speak up for these babies, and get them out of there ASAP, somehow..

So the reason I am writing this post is to see if there was ANY way some one here could come and rescue 7 kittens between 3-6 months, who are supposedly tame and sweet, if I could get them in my care? I cannot hold them for long, as my room is a tiny travel trailer, but I could hold them for a day if someone could come and get them. I do not drive, unfortunately, and I am struggling financially. I have found help so far with food (bless the angels who have helped me!), donations for Elliott (the boy with the bad mouth infection, who is set to go to the vet this coming Tuesday (he missed his first appt, sadly)) and TNR (set to begin soon!), as I am feeding about 12 of these peoples cats and have been for about 4 months, but I cannot afford to vet these poor 7 babies they have inside and/or foster them.

If anyone is willing and able to rescue these babies, PLEASE contact me at and I will try to answer any questions, etc.

Thank you for listening.

~ Bobbi ~