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sneezing blood

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well, a follow up to the breathing difficulties thread about my kitten Alix, is that he is now sneezing blood. every time he sneezes, he sneezes compulsively and a bubble of bright red blood appears on his left nostril. now, I don't know whether it's because I've been too rough when cleaning the mucus on his nose so he can breathe better - am I causing a nose bleed? or if it's more serious, but I'm panicky enough that he is going to the vet and if they just say it's cat flu again, I'm going to kick their ********** asses to hell and back... I mean, come on, it's blood, CHECK. I don't care the cost, my kitty is in a hell of a lot of pain, and every time he sneezes blood, he panics because goddammit, he can't breathe properly! sigh. I love my cats, but this is driving me to an early grave, and I'm only 22! lol
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How long has he been bleeding? A simple nosebleed shouldn't last all that long. Do try to keep him quiet, if you can. Whether the blood is obstructing his breathing is the important question here--if it is, you have an emergency on your hands; you don't want him to aspirate any blood.

It could be just a nosebleed, but I think you should be safe--call your vet and ask whether to come in.
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You may want to get a second opinion. Is the blood coming from one nostril or both? If it's only coming from one nostril, you may want to see if the vet can peek in there--there may be an obstruction or foreign body. If they can't see, there is a procedure called rhinoscopy. Basically, they anesthetize the cat under general anesthesia and use a thin tube with a camera to view the area. It is a very expensive procedure though.
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The vet is useless. I took him after hours, and all they done was look at him, and ask if I still had him on the vibrapet & other medication. They then said, he's fine and sent him on his way - oh yeah, after taking my money of course. Waste of time. I'm taking him to another animal clinic tomorrow, and asking that they run tests on him, because I don't think this is just cat flu. thanks for the advice
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I'm glad you are going to get a second opinion. You really need to go with your gut instinct on these things. I would be just as angry as you are!

Sending lots of healing vibes and prayers.
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Hope you get a better result with the new vet and that Alex is feeling better soon.
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Your vet did what?
We took Molly in 2-3 weeks ago for a cold/fever. The vet went to draw blood and she sneezed blood. Just out her left nostril like your kitty. They immediately called us back. I was so scared. They asked if it was normal. Well it kinda is but not that much as this time. She immediately called our old vet to confirm our visit in March and how they proceeded. She doesn't have a blockage. Both vets checked for this. She is on an antihistamine for it. The new vet immediately recommended having a scope put her her nose to look for tumors.

Molly hasn't sneezed blood since. She has asthma and I really think when she as a bad attack that is when she sneezes. It is seasonal like her asthma.

Anyway I can't believe your vet didn't look up the nose or want to run more tests. Get another opinion.
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