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My cat!!

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Here is a picture of my cat Jesperi! He is 4 years old now and very playful!
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Oooohhh - look at that precious little face! What a cutie!!!
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He looks about to attack something. What a beauty!
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Jesperi is beautiful!!! Thank you for posting a picture of him!!!
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He has the look of mischief about him. I'll bet he's a lot of fun. What a cutie!
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Just look at the smile on that face. Glad you were able to post a picture, katmintti!
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I´m glad that you think he is cute!Yes, he is very mischievous!There is never a boring moment when he is around!
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He is a very handsome boy.

My fiance is complaining though, becuase each time I look at the cat pictures I amke him look and try to tempt him to make more additions to our family
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Jesperi looks like a beautiful, big, strong boy! What does his name mean?
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I love that classic plush look of him!

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Actually his name doesn`t mean anything
It´s just a name like Jasper etc.
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Well it's a lovely name! Don't forget to add it to the 'names' thread.
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Looks like he likes to eat too!
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Nah Deb, he's just big boned...like me!
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Well, Jesperi is allways home when it is a dinner time!
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Aww!! He's an adorable little podgeball!! and its big bones PLUS layers of slimness you know... thats all.....
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what a cutey!
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What a cute Jasper....
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