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Need some help, relaly thin stray

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ok my friend brought me over this little black kitten that has been tailing her at her apartment complex and today snuck in her house. After loosing her once(she was in a cardboard cat box and managed to get out before i could get her set up in our bathroom away from kirra and tiffy) i know she was someones pet at some point. When i went outside looking for her armed with only a flashlight and kissy noises, she came running meowing her heart out to me. She appears to be between 4-6 months old, i would say around 4, she still has most of her baby teeth. She is nothing but skin and bones, i did a dawn dip, no fleas, no flea dirt. but it aloud me to see just how thin she is. she has not an ounce of fat on her. She has some balding, i would say from malnutrition. We have her set up in the bathroom, litter pan, food and water and the towel i dried her with to lay on. We have the door to the bathroom closed and than i have a small halway that leads to my kids' room and our room, both doors to each room are closed. So there are at least 2 doors between her and my kitties. I plan to call around this weekend to find a rescue group that can take her. If i cant find one by monday evening i will take her to the humane society. I want to avoid that at all costs, i hate kill shelters. She has some ear dirt too btw. My husband's biggest concern is leukemia other wise i have a feeling we would wind up keeping her rofl. but i really cant handle another cat under a year old right now, especially with surgery in 2 weeks.

Any advice to help the kitty over the next few days would be great. I did rescue for years back when i was a teenager, but its always great to get more advice.
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Mabye she lost her mom, and wasnt weaned off of milk yet? Did you try kitten formula?
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My vet recommended KMR for both a kitten (Andrea) that I'd rescued and for an older, starved Himmie that I found. And my vet also recommended some unflavored Pedialyte mixed into FancyFeast because of dehydration, although in SC, thirst is prob. not a big issue. Bless you for providing the poor, lost thing with sanctuary She could have gotten lost - either cuz she isn't fixed, or just got out, and chased out of her home territory by dogs or mean neighbors, etc. Sending {{{{find home prayers and vibes}}}} to the precious darling!! Susan
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Well she is EXTREMLY affectionate rofl. If i knew that there was a good chance she wasnt leuk pos i would talk hubby into keeping her ROFL. she used her litter box last night so thats good. I really think she is closer to 3-4 months in age. I will try and get some pics of her today. From the way she looks i would say she got out either by someone "dumping" her becuase she was from an unwanted litter and they couldnt find a home(god knows we have alot of people like that around here) or she was a outdoor born baby that people have "cared for" but never adopted.

I was thinking the KMR last night when i was talking with hubby. I will get her some tonight if i dont find a rescue today to come get her. She did eat some of her dry food last night, i have some wet food left from when Kirra was on wet food that i will give her today.
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Well i weighed her and the scale says 5lbs even though i can feel all her bones. I got some pics of her and will post em at the end. I have called and left messages with rescues but if we dont hear from one by monday i will have to take her to the shelter i am hoping my husband comes around before than (or we win the lotto and i can start my rescue group i wanna start) she is so sweet and friendly, i cant stand the thought of a shelter putting her down because she is "to much work". Anyone near SC?? that can help??

sorry about some of the blurr not the best cam but it shows her size at least

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She needs to be seen by a vet.
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Originally Posted by hissy View Post
She needs to be seen by a vet.
well my vet is closed till monday, and meanwhile i am tring hard to find someone to take her, with kirra and tiffy's special needs right now funds are tight. i aloud my friend to bring her here because it was better than being outside in 29 degree weather. i just really dont want her to end up a shelter kitty.
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I just got a tiny 5month old kitten(her canine teeth are half way in-with the baby teeth still in place) the other day-shes 3.5 lbs and every bone is visible. just make sure the balding isn;'t rignworm. low cost s/n clinics might be willing to test her for felv before the surgery date is set, one by me would do it for about 30 for a felv/fiv combo(since its a clinic they wouldnt charge a office visit just the test)
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Well she may have a home by tomorrow. A friend of mine is interested in giving her a forever home, even with the knowledge that when a vet opens monday she will require medical care. We will know more this evening, she has to check with her roomate.
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Keeping everything crossed that it works out!
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I'm confused, did you get her tested to see if she has Leukemia? If you didnt, go ahead and get that done, then you will know for sure if she has it, and can figure out what you are going to do after you know.

Ear dirt is probably ear mites, a good ear cleaner from a vet's office will clear that up after a vet or you cleans her ears. Vets do a good ear cleaning.

That is very good that someone may want her, just make sure if she is adopted, that she gets all her shots, a bath, and regular vet exam, and fixed if she is old enough.

I dont know if a shelter will take a sick kitty, if anything, you should get her healthy (weight gain) and cleaned up before even thinking about bringing her to a shelter, if that's what your going to do. A healthy cat has a better chance than an underweight/not clean cat.

She does need to see a vet, there's no telling what she could get into outside, like cuts,bruises,dead animals,parasites. Just getting a bath and an exam would eliminate grooming issues or parasites.

By the way, your setup is great, if you have any toys i'm sure she would appreciate that too.
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Whelp my friend is gonna take her. I am gonna met em half way(since they live in nc and i am in sc). She promises pics hehehe
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I am glad that your friend took the kitty, I could NEVER bring an animal of any kind to a shelter, knowing that it was gonna be put to sleep. I have fed dozens of strays over the years. I have NEVER called the dog pound people to come, because I know what woulda happened.
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It's good to hear someone will be keeping her. Just make sure she gets fixed and gets a health exam and vaccinations, that's important.
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