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What does this mean?

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We have 2 cats. A female that we have had 17 years and new cat that is about 1 year old. We are slowly trying to introduce the two. The male cat (1year old) walked up the the older cat tonight and layed his neck over hers as she layed curled up sleeping. She woke up with lots of hissing and ran away. What was the neck thing, aggessive behavior or a show of dominance? We would really like the two cats to get along some day, even if that means ignoring each other.
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My cats do that with the other cats that they consider littermates. They also do the same with me. IMO, it's a sign of kinship; it's just too soon for your older kitty to accept. You might consider getting a young kitty for the newcomer, a younger one who will be more of a companion (plus there will be one less homeless kitty ). Older cats can have trouble adjusting; if there is a more compatable third cat, they will leave your older cat alone, but she will most likely do lots of observing of the other two, she may act disinterested, but you'll notice her making the other two her real life soap opera.
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Excellent advice. I agree that your young one just wanted to cuddle. Introducing a young cat with an older one in the house is usually a challenge. Try to keep the little one from bothering the older one too much until you are sure that your older one has adjusted
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