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Stay-At-Home-Meowmiees Unite!

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Just wonderin' if there are any other stay at homers other than myself. Sure would like to hear your stories as to why you've decided to do this. Here's mine:

Welp, when Naomi was a year and a half old, we moved from our home town to Albuquerque, NM. Being strangers there, we didn't know anyone I trusted to leave her with, so it was decided that I'd stay home to care for her. She's 24 now and here I am still! Alex Jr came along 5 years after Naomi and that just really cemented the idea that I should stay home with our kiddos . Of course, in 2005, Naomi decided she was ready to move out on her own and did so with her best friend. We advised her that sometimes 'best friends' realize they truly aren't and maybe they shouldn't do this. They did and a few months later, they were at each other's throats and ready to call it quits! At that time, Alex Jr, who had just turned 18, was ready to make a move of his own. So, it was decided that both my kids would move in together. So in October of '05, the hubby & I became empty nesters. I was pretty miserable for a while...just cried and cried...I have been so very close to my kiddos...they're everything to me. And now I was alone.

I decided that after all these years...I was gonna git me a job! I went to the first place I could think of...Garden Ridge Pottery. There was a method to my madness in that the kids' apartment was just a block away from this store. I got the job and started working in their candles department in November of that year. As luck would have it, we sold our home and moved almost an hour away...so after just 4 months at my new job...I was forced to quit!

I loved the experience and hope to start looking for my next job soon.

Hey...one of the most AWESOME things about this job is that I was constantly on my feet and before I even knew what had happened...I'd lost 20 pounds!!! OMGoodness y'all!!! I'd been dieting and exercising for years without such wonderful results!

Ok...that's my stay at home story...let's hear from some others...provided that I'm not the only one here that is

Hilda >^..^<
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Thanks for sharing your story with us! It's great to learn more about our TCS members I'm not a stay at homer- i have to work full time/ and have school....so given that i'll probably be working when i do have children someday But i have worked at several nurseries in the past and there are several that i trust very much so that won't be a problem i'm planning on starting my own flower shop sometime in the future- so if i have kiddos then- i can keep them with me at work that would be ideal
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My mom was a stay-at-home mom starting when I was 11 (when my baby brother was born and she was told that she could transfer to a different bank- she's a CPA- or lose her job. She lost her job and didn't go back) and she just reccently got a job as the financial manager for the Children's Museum in the city I grew up in. I'm really happy that she stayed home in those rough teen years. I liked always having someone at home and having (homemade!) dinner with my family every night and having someone around if I needed to come home sick, forgot my lunch, etc.

The kids I nanny for have very little contact with their parents. The mom and dad are gone from 8AM to 7PM when they're not travelling. These kids always eat out, never have anyone to help them with their homework and the little one only sees her parents for about 90 minutes each evening before going to bed. They rely on me and another girl to shuttle them to activities and get their homework done. How can you really know what's going on in your kid's life?

I don't know if I can 100% give up my profession to be constantly with my children. Being as how I'm in music, it' more of a soul-profession rather than a pay-the-bills one. But I can teach out of my home and concerts and recitals are generally weekend committments the whole family can attend, while rehearsals generally happen while kids are in school. I do imagine I'll cut back and hang a lot closer to home when they're itty bitty. Ian's profession won't allow him to be as accessible and flexible as mine likely will. If he were the musician and I were the Islamacist/arabic speaker, I'd probably be at a 9-5 while Ian worked from home.
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I quit working an outside job when our daughter was 18 months old because my husband and I didn't want to put her in day care. (Up until then, we worked different hours so she was with either one or both of us, but he travels a lot which made that arrangement difficult.)

Now, we realize my job at home, which includes cooking healthy meals from scratch, is more important than bringing in more money. I take care of the house and car maintenance, the kitties, our daughter, doctor appointments, etc. etc. I love my job.

Cheers, from
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I'm an at homer.
Technically unemplyed, though hoping to change that after I kick this depression thing.
I made the choice in 99 to quit work, financially, we could do that.
Now is another story.

I do earn a meager income, but I now need a real wage.
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I have stayed at home for almost 15 years now, but our daughter is only three . I like being a homemaker (I am also an artist, but that has been on the back burner for a few years ). I pretty much run our household, everything except taking out the trash, mowing the lawn, cleaning out the gutters, or moving anything a lot bigger than me . I clip a lot of coupons, and shop a lot of sales...and I love it- I am a Bargain Hunter!-LOL
Before we got married, my DH and I agreed about this was what we wanted- I have Cystic Fibrosis, so I stay healthier if I stay home and can rest like I need to when I'm sick, and my DH really wanted someone to be at home when he got home, and a real (sometimes the definition of that changes ) homecooked meal as often as possible , since he worked long, hot or freezing hours in a steel shop (now he works the long hours, but works in the office at the steel shop, where they argue about the thermostat setting- he's gotten spoiled! ).
I love staying home with my daughter- I feel like this is the time to get to really know her, while she is still letting the real Ab all hang out! - and am hoping this will help all of us when the teen years get here! .
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I am a stay at home cat mom, I was a Nanny a few days a week for about 8 years but I stopped doing that about a year ago. I needed a job that would give me time off whenever I needed it because we travel quite a bit. And the Nanny job did just that. I certainly didn't do it for the money it was because I loved the kids So now I am just home with the babies.
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I work for now but I hope that once I find a mr right if we are able to money wise I would like to be a stay at home mom and I guess its mostly because I remember how much I missed my dad because of him working so much. And my mom I don't really remember much of her before I was about 15. She wasn't here at all so I guess I missed out on a real family life. And I want that so much.
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