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Cat Tower - Recommendations?

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Hi guys!

I haven't posted on here in a while!

I bought a cat - a Burmilla, his name is Logan!
I've only had him for a week! He's pretty fun - one year old!

Anyway, the point of my post!!

I want to buy my cat a Cat Tower. However, at the big places like Petsmart, they're pretty expensive:


Does anyone know of a good place to get Cat Towers at a cheaper price?

Any help is appreciated. Btw, I live in Canada!

Thanks guys!

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Look on eBay! A lot o members, myself included, have Amarkat trees we got for cheap over on eBay. Mine is about 5 feet tall with 3 levels and it costed 99 cents, but with $40 for shipping.
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See if you can track down a PetEdge magazine. We ordered ours from them, it's HUGE and very sturdy! Even though the kittens are grown now, it's still a good size for them and they are on it all the time.
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Two of my three cat trees came from ebay!

My third cat tree I bought directly from the company. They have free shipping.
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Congradulations on you new furbaby! I can't wait to see pictures Love the name Logan by the way / I wish I could help you as far as cat trees know- but i'm really not sure what is best as i don't buy them. Colin and I are going to build one when we get some spare time When we do, i'll post lots of pictures
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Has been a while since I priced anything. I bought several and here's what I learned. Most of the ledges are too small for a full-grown cat. We don't even want ledges unless they have edges. Cats like to curl up but they also like to stretch out. Can't do that on a ledge, especially a small one. The edge lets them relax without falling off.

After wasting a lot of money on trees they didn't like, I finally found one they like at Canine Commissary. It's five and half feet high, has five beds that are like big trays, 21"x14" on three posts, level of beds staggered and arranged for convenient jumping. It's heavy and will not tip. I can stand on the bottom bed to pet the cat in the top.
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I also got my girls' tree from Amarkat off e-bay for about $70 including shipping. I love it and so do my girls. They've had it about a year now and it's held up great. No regrets with that purchase.
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I just bought mine from Armarkat on ebay too after several site members here recommended their store. I haven't gotten it yet, but we got one of their bigger ones which would have cost $400-$600 in a store. I only paid $130 on ebay, and $100 of that was shipping.
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