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what a crappy morining!

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Today was just one of those days..where you feel like it couldnt get any more complicated or odd.

To start off my day...
I noticed when I looked out my window that my car had a "note" posted on the side window. I had a feeling it was from the lady who lives across the street. YUP it was her...she didnt apperciate me parking in front of her nicely shovled house, and asked if i could park infront of my own. HA! this lady is rotten. I mean first off, they have been doing construction by our houses so that means they plowed the snow in the available spaces which happen to be the parking spot in front of your house. And last night when i returned, the lady next to us parked her car infront of her house which she usually parks in her garage. so instead of parking there I parked across the street infront of the evil womens house. OMG it was for only the one night!!

i went to buy gorceries...my card had been cancled....I called the bank...some one in Cali tried using my card to make a purcahse for$210...they stopped the card ASAP ( thank heaven).Now i have to get a new card and act #. to top it off I was 30 minutes late to work.

boy I tell ya...i just cant wait to get home and go back to bed!!!
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Geesh, i'm sorry gorgrous! that stinks. Hopefully tonight will be better for you. Get something good to eat and get some rest
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Aw, I'm sorry you had a crappy day. Stupid notes... you should only write notes if it's for something good. Did you get your groceries or do you have to go back?

Cheers, from
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Aww- that would make my day crappy too! Eat something good and indulge in some "YOU" time!
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thanks guys!

I wasnt able to go back and get all the goodies i picked out....Dan was away doing work stuff still. I was bummed out...I mean I was so hungary i could have eaten..well just about anything!

I came to work and had enough money to buy some soup...which was nice because It was warm and filling. But when i get home.. i want a freaken bacon cheeseburger with lots of pickles !!
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I am sorry you had such a crappy day, I hope tonight will be better.
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Originally Posted by LSULOVER View Post
I am sorry you had such a crappy day, I hope tonight will be better.
aww thanks! It just might..I might cuddle up on the couch with my blanket and see if any CSI is on or just watch whatever AMC is showing tonight!
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Aww I am sorry that your day sucked. A good episode of CSI is always good for bringing up the spirits! Good choice.

I hope your day is better tomorrow!
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Oh that deffinatley makes for a yucky morning/day! Mine ended bad too, so how about we go get some virtual super chocolate sundaes or something?
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