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Diaper rash?

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Two of the magnificant 7 have red and swollen genitalia,(sp)
I just put some vaseline on them, but was wondering if getting some A&D ointment would be OK? I am cleaning them daily with wipes for cats. Maybe this is the problem? Too harsh?
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Well, I have discovered some of the reasons for this. I found one kitten trying to nurse himself on his privates. The kittens are also having a klt of diarrhea, so I am sure that is not helping. I got A&D ointent and sensitive skin baby wipes and they are all a little better today. Now, I am jut really concerned about the liquid stools. i am thinking of trying to use some rice baby cereal and see if that helps.
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A kitten's stomach is very sensitive to change and changing their diet midstream is not a very good thing to do. The vasline will irriatate their swollen genetials I would wipe it off as soon as possible, plus if their siblings are suckling on each other, the kittens suckling will get a mouthful of vaseline which is also not good.

I would also only stimulate and wipe them with warm water and not introduce any chemical no matter how harmless you think those cat wipes might be. Plain cotton cosmetic rolls dipped in warm water is plenty safe for them to handle. Their diarrhea if is it bad needs to be checked out by a vet. The kittens are susceptible to all sorts of viruses, and I do not know how old they are (can't remember off the the top of my head) but introducing them to rice cereal will not really help the issue if they have picked up a virus.

Put a stuffed animal in with them when you see them suckling off each other to see if you can redirect their efforts to something less harmful. Sounds like you might need a Snugglekittie!
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Hissy - I REALLY appreciate you taking the time to help me,

I have discontinued to vaseline and I will no longer use the A&D ointment that the SPCA told me to use. I have cotton balls and will use them. I have tried to stimulate the bottoms and have been trying to wash them off. Not much luck though


I have wondered about a virus and did some reading here on other threads. I have a call in to the Shelter and will have them seen tomorrow. O'Henry is too quiet for me!

Thank you again!
forgot to add....they are between 4 and 5 weeks old, per the SPCA.
I really DO need a snuggle kitty. The stuffed moose is NOT doing the trick!
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Oh I hope the little guys are doing better very soon!
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Maybe they would like a fleece jacket with your scent on it? That is what my little Tabby likes. I got her when she was about 5-6 weeks old and she took to my fleece jacket and nurses on it. It is very cute.

Here is a how-to for a home made heat pad. You might try wrapping it in the fleece jacket for them: http://www.messybeast.com/heatpad.htm

I agree with the warm cotton balls to stimulate and wipe. Or you can try a warm, wet washcloth.. it has a bit more texture, like Mama Cat's tongue would, and may work to stimulate the bowels a bit more. Jut be very, very gentle of course.

Good luck with them. I bet they are precious!
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