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Isnt she so cute!

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This is a video of Creamsicle, a stray who lives in my yard. She is the smallest out of her siblings (probably a runt), but when she was very young, she was the bravest and most adventurous! She and her siblings used to be afraid of me, but now they are not afraid of me anymore, and I can pet,brush, and play with most of them. Looking at this video you wouldnt even knew she lived outdoors, she acts like a house cat. I dont own her, sometimes I let her in my house on very cold days, and I brush her and play with her, she loves the attention. Her sister comes in sometimes to be brushed also, but she doesnt stay in for more than 5 minutes. Creamsicle and her sister are both spayed, so they wont be getting pregnant. We are going to to be getting their brothers fixed too.

Anyway, enjoy the video, sorry if it's a little dark.
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She is so darling. Definitely a creamsicle.
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Shes just adorable! What a sweet kitty!

And she looks just like my Diesel
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AAWWWW, she is ADORABLE with those cute little white mitten tips on the front paws and the white boots on the hind legs Kudos to you for taming her so well- she sure likes her grooming Bless you for getting her spayed - you have accomplished so much for the cats' benefits
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She is sooo adorable! Can you take her in? Or do you just visit with them when they are around? Her little paws are cute also!
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No I cant adopt any I already have 2 cats, I would if I had a bigger house.
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WHAT A CUTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keith - you have done a wonderful thing for these cats. And you have socialized them so well - especially Creamsicle!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE black and white kitties. Hubby's dream is to win the lottery or something and have a "black and white" kitty ranch (all rescues, of course).

(Like if we ever had some kind of refuge for kitties we could only rescue black and white cats).

But Kudos, Keith! And thanks for sharing.

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UPDATED video. Old one has been removed.

Here is an updated video of Creamsicle, and she is friendlier than ever! She's about 1 year now. It was the 1st day of spring and pretty nice out, but she wanted to come in and play so I took more video to show you. Her sister Buttons is more social too, but she was busy chasing the birds and didnt want to come in today.

I wish shelters would stop saying they arent adoptable, they act fine in my house.

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She's adorable! I don't see why she would have any problem getting adopted.

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she is adorable !! and so playful !! keep up the good work keith.
we will have to work on her and her sister letting other people
pet them and pick them up. maybe next time i come over we can
coax them into that pen you have or a carrier to see if they will
let me pet them ?

loved watching the video but next time put on some more lights LOL !!

can't wait to see more videos !
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loved watching the video but next time put on some more lights LOL

Actually, it was broad daylight and I had the door and all 3 windows open, very bright!

It's the digital camera, it doesnt pick up light well, but it's EXCELLENT with sound!
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Well, I took a video of Buttons today outside. You'll notice she follows me around like a dog would, sometimes she weaves around my legs and it's hard to walk. lol! You'll also notice she is Very vocal. She acts the same way inside.

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Ok last video. It's of Creamsicle and Buttons in my house at the same time. Enjoy!

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their meows are just too cute! nice looking little kitties!
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