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collar question?

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I cant keep collars on my cats!! It doesnt matter what kind or size I buy, my little kits get them off!! Whats the deal??
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I don't know what to suggest as to keeping them on but I will ask, is it necessary that they have them? Are they indoor cats and the collars just for decoration? or are they outdoor cats and the collars hold their tags?
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My cats get them off at least once a week, I just keep putting them back on even though they are indoor cats I think that if they ever got out the more info on them the better, not everyone would check for a microchip.

Beastie bands seem to stay on a bit longer than regular breakaways for my lot.
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A microchip or a tattoo, or both, should help your peace of mind. I would recommend them even for indoor cats; they do get out once in a while, just check our SOS section.
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I have collars on 2 of my cats- Breakaway ones from Walmart.. they stay on ok for the most part... If I get new ones I'll get the bands though.
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Many cats just won't keep them on. More proof that they just have their own minds! My daughter puts a collar on her outside cat and she's always taking it off. I don't know if there is an answer to your problem. Mine are microchipped and are indoor cats. I don't have small children to let them out and I live alone. So It's unlikely they'll get out. But others who have said not everyone looks for a microchip, is right. It's a bone of conention with me that even a shelter may not look for that valuable chip.
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