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is it ok to hole my kitten like this ?

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I have loads of ways of holding my kitty but i was just wandering is it ok for me to put him slightly over my shoulder like a baby . he seems really comfortable and relaxed

Any ideas
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my cat loves to be draped over my shoulder. In fact sometimes when I come home she sits up on her hind legs and reaches for my shoulders. Of course, I always have my hands on her. I would hate if she feel from my shoulders accidently. Just be sure to have a grip on her and when she is ready to get down, assist her to the ground.
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Any way (within reason- not just by his head or one leg, etc.) is ok if the cat's happy and not being forced to stay anywhere.
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Brady likes to be held that way sometimes. I have walked around holding him and petting him that way for a good fifteen minutes before. As long as he likes being held that way and you let him go whenever he's ready, it should be fine.
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Its fine. DH likes to put Charlie around his neck like a stole Charlie doesn't mind in the least.
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Originally Posted by raju View Post
he seems really comfortable and relaxed
I think you answered your own question right there
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Molly likes it too. She's a "lunky" lovebug snuggler, so basically any way you hold her, she wraps her paws around and just snugs in. When she goes over the shoulder, she'll wrap her paws around each side of the shoulder (top and side). Buffy and Willow won't allow it, though, Willow wants to be lower (actually being held, lol) and Buffy will struggle until she's perched ON the shoulder, lol
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sorry about the spelling guys i think i was typing veryyyy fast lol
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i think its ok to hold ur kittie like that, my bella thats the only way she likes to be held is drapped over ur shoulder somewhat all tho the other day she wrapped herself around me neck but Willie he loves to be over your shoulder and he will sleep that way too !!!
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Pudge loves it and demands it quite a bit.
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Sibohan sleeps curled around my shoulders... I figure if the cats gets there by themself its a comfortable place to sleep.
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