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Why am I considered furniture?

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Marcie isn't an alarm clock kitty, and I really don't have a problem with this behavior, but I was wondering about possible explanations for it....

When I am sleeping at night, I have become Marcie's favorite place to sleep. It just recently started. At first, she wouldn't sleep in the bedroom, then she started sleeping between my husband and myself, now, she like to sleep on whichever side of me is facing up. If I am facedown, she will sleep on my back, when I am laying on my side, she will try to sleep on the side of me that is up (she usually slides off several times before giving up on that ) , and more common is that when I am laying on my back, she parks herself right on my chest while staring at me. Is she trying to dominate me (sorry I grew up as a dog person)? Is she trying to protect me or make sure that I don't go anywhere? Or am I just a good warm place to sleep?

As I said, I am not upset by her behavior, just curious...
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I know exactly what you are talking about.. my kitty does the same thing. Well actually it seemed to be more of a phase. There was a period where she sleeped every night on me or as close to me as possible for several months. But now she hardly sleeps in my room anymore. I don't know if she was just feeling cozy and lovey or if she was playing a dominance game or what it was. Every so often she will come lay next to me but this time I think its because of the cold. I know i didn't really give an answer here but I am not sure if there is a definite one.
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She's trying to stay warm! I had a cat that slept on my back every night for 15+ years, and when I wasn't available, she'd plaster herself up against a wall vent (very old house) that felt hot to me.
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Is it colder where you are? Maia curls up right in the center of how ever I'm positioned to share some warmth. I love it! My friends chawawa curls up right on your tail bone !
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Our cats all of a sudden started doing that sort of thing too. One of the kitties even has decided that he wants to get under the covers with me. I think they just want to be warm.
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Cindy doesn't sleep all night on me, and doesn't get on me every night, but she does sometimes, and I think it's so cute. Usually it's right after I go to bed, she'll get up on my chest or thereabouts, knead for a while, and lay down. The other morning I woke up with her on my side. Good thing she only weighs 8 pounds. For awhile Swanie was sleeping on my legs. Not leaning on them, on top of them. And the dude weight 15 1/2 pounds. I was waking up with some serious leg pains.
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Well cats kind of like to sleep piled up together for warmth and its a part of a trust and love thing she loves you and wants to be near you and you are warmth she feels safe with you. I would take it as a compliment. My Tavia sleeps on top of me all the time and the only time it can get a bit silly is because I won't move if I think it will disturb her so I get a bit uncomfy when I need to run to the bathroom. And eventually I do have to move her.
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she does it because you are warm and she loves you.
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If you are like me, you are a nice soft cushy place to plop down!

I've noticed some of our cats seem to have a 2 week rotation of where they liked to sleep. Except for past cats Minx and Jasper. They always liked to sleep with me.
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I am Dexter's bed.
He weighs almost 16lbs.
Sometimes it gets kind of hard to draw a deep breath yet ---
I am honored to serve as his bed.
Cats Rule
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Sneakers' favorite place to lay down is on someone (usually on my chest) and when we first got her she weighed 16 pounds! She's down to 14 now but it's still really painful when she is standing on my chest/stomach trying to find just the right place to lay down. I don't know the reason, all I know is people are her favorite type of furniture! If I am in bed lying on my stomach sometimes she will climb up and lay on my back but sometimes she'll walk over me and then stand next to my face and peer at me to tell me to turn over so she can sit on my chest. I'd actually rather have her climb on my back, it kinda feels like a back massage and it's not painful like having 14 lbs of cat concentrated into 4 small paws on your chest and stomach!
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Charlotte isn't a snuggling kind of cat, but I have found that in the colder months she will snuggle with me AFTER she thinks I'm asleep!! I know she's using me for warmth!! That's ok. I'll take whatever she gives me even if I confuse it with affection! LOL
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She loves you!!!! Only one of my two kitties sleep with me, I wish both would. But the one that does, Samson, he sleeps between me and my husband or curled in my neck. Makes me melt every time!

Extreme Kitty Lover
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My Pearl snuggles up on my chest every night, gazing into my eyes and purring until we both fall asleep.

Am I lucky or what?
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Dusty does the same thing. She is the ultimate lap cat. Once in awhile I'd like to sleep alone!
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