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Fell down go boom!

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I'm at home today because my dog, Girl, tripped me on my stairs last night and I twsited my ankle It's much better now, but when I woke up this morning it was very tender and its my driving foot so I didn't feel comfortable driving on it..... but I did get a nice day off! did laundry, ran the vacuum (very slowly) and cleaned the bathroom
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I hope it is better by tomorrow. I also have had a few run ins with the stairs. Mostly carrying laundry but Phenom likes to dart down in front of me too. Got some nice boo boos from that!
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Yay!! good for you, although not good that you hurt your ankle, but good that you get a well deserved day off at home with the babies, and getting your cleaning done
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Don't you just love those unexpected day off days??!

I'm glad to hear your ankle is feeling better.
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Oh i've been injured by my dog before too When I first adopted her (i was 10 when I got Ginger), she was soooooo spunky and playful! She still is even at 11/ One night we were in the floor playing tug of war and wrestling lol (she's 1/2 wolf- she's NOT a little dog) we....she is sooo stout and strong that she swung me into the recliner we were right by and it sprained my hand really bad. My mom had to stop laughing first before she could take me to the ER- she said it was quite funny to watch Hehe, those doggies are dangerous aren't they But we love them soooo much! I hope your leg gets to feeling better soon! When I get sprains- i ALWAYS soak them in Epsom salt and warm water several times a day- it helps SOOOO much!!! Give it a try! It might make you feel better Also- don't forget the other advice based on RICE

Rest- don't walk around too much on your hurt leg
Ice- Keep ice on you- on 15 minutes off 20 on 15 get the point heat works too
Compression- heat compresses
Elevation- keep the leg proped up so it can rest
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OH NO! I hope you feel better soon! I bet your puppy is hiding from that mean old vacum.
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Aw, did you give her heck? I hope your ankle heals up soon!
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I'm glad you were able to have a day off, just sorry it came at the cost of your poor ankle!
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About 9 months ago I was playing tug o' war with Jake and we bumped into the fridge. A heavy duty stapler fell off the top and landed on my toes.. Broke 2 of them!

I hope you're feeling better!
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Oh Geez that is awful, hope you are all healed up soon. I fell down the stairs once because I slipped on Sev's tail and landed on my shoulder and could not lift my arm above my head for over 4 months

Be careful!
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Doesn't sound to me like you did much resting. Take it easy...sometimes, its natural to feel as though you're all healed up in a few days but it just isn't so. Some injuries take a day or two to really show their colours (pun intended). I would definitely get some Epsom Salts and soak your footsie in there..sure will make difference...keep the water pretty warm when you do that. Its very refreshing!

By the way...if you do use epsom salts (and for those of you who do use them at all), please don't throw the left over water down your drain! If you have a garden or yard...pour it out onto your plants, shrubs, grass...anything outdoors! Its a wonderful green-up for your yarden!

Hope ya feel better sooner than later...
Hilda >^..^<
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Oh no Katie. Really be careful I have fallen down the stairs (like Helen <Bella713>) and broken my ankle. I fell again (like Helen did, too ) and it made my ankle "loose" and had to go back into a pink cats
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I hope it is feeling better today
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Katie, Katie, careful!!!
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Ouch! I've twisted my ankle before and it really hurts! Hope your feeling better today!
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Don't clean with a twisted ankle, hon! It's just not THAT important! You should take a breather, drink some tea, and elevate that ankle with some ice!
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