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dirty nose

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Hello all,

Dexter, my orange tabby seems to always have black stuff inside his nose. I clean it every 2 days and it keeps coming back. my other cat doesn't seem to have this problem. Is this normal cat stuff, maybe from him licking his nose? He's fine and healthy so I'm not too worried, just curious. Any thoughts?

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my orange kitty went through a period of having little black "boogers" in her nose. But she hasn't had them in a while. I have no idea if thats just from litter dust, licking or what. It didn't seem to bother her nor did she have a cold. I know this doesn't really answer your question, but I know what your talking about
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my calico, Java, has this problem, too. i just clean her nose.
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My Gizmo has that as well. It is feline herpes, and only appears occasionally in her right nostril.

L-lysine 'as needed' keeps it under control. I don't know if she is a carrier. But you can't catch herpes from a cat.

It's not curable but can be controlled.
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Severino has the same thing it's like thin black paper or something and I have to get it out of there every few days Severino does not have herpes.
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Yeah, both luxor and stoli get it and I clean their nose whenever I can see it. They get so annoyed with me!
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Swanie has that. The vet said he has a blocked tear duct. She did some test where she threw some liquid in his eyes and it glowed green in his nostril that has the black stuff. She said it isn't something to worry about, and he's just fine.
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thank you all for the responses. I guess I'll keep in cleaning his nose out, he doesn't mind it. lol

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My orange tabby has the same issue. The vet never cared about it. He is the only one out of a house of 7 (at the time).
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Our vet said that this 'black around the nose' is often a 'feline acne' and to use mild soap and water or those small acne pads for teenagers. Dulcinea had a little bit of this too...but with some careful attention it cleared up and now she 'acne free'!

Just a suggestion.

fr. gregg
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