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Just a kitten. :)

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Hi all! I am new here. You can call me Kinjo...lol. I am a 28 year old female and have a total of 9 cats in my household! They are (in order of oldest to youngest): Lionheart (F), Puma (M), Ninja (M), Kinjo (M), Maranda (F, Maine Coon adopted from a local shelter), Mellyanna (F Mely for short), Heidi (F), Hermione (F sp?? Roomie's son's kitten. He's big into Harry Potter), Bandit (F). Kinjo is the "baby" of the family. He has a bad back. He fell onto a table (from a 6 foot bookshelf) when he was under a year old. He's almost 8 years old now. I went to school (and graduated) to be a veterinary technician, but because my best friend/roomate is disabled, I now work from the home as a spiritual councelor. I chose to work from the home to help her with the things she can't/shouldn't do.
Well, I don't want to bore you too much...lol.

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We are never bored to hear about one of our new members! I admire that you have chosen to devote your life to helping a friend, Kinjo. You sound like a special person. Welcome to the site.
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Welcome to the site. Sounds like quite a loving household you have there, and not just with all the furries. What a wonderful friend you are, there aren't many who would make such a choice.

I'm sure you will have a good time here. It is a wonderful place, with great people. I look forward to getting to know you and your furbabes.
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Kinjo, What a wonderful friend you are! And what a great family you have. It's nice that one of them is named after Heidi (valanb)! What a shame about Kinjo's back. I hope he gets along well. We'll be looking forward to your posts!
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Hello all! Thanks for such warm welcomes! And thanks for the compliments. Kinjo gets along well most days. The cold weather and drastic weather changes really affect him...not to mention being scared (but that's not hard to do with him as he has over-calcified ears too, so the sounds are distorted to him). He was on Prednisone for about two years (one year on, then a few years ago had to be put on it again....but that's a long boring story...lol). He's now able to go without it most of the time. Thank goodness the vets I used to work for were one of the respectable one's (of course or I wouldn't have worked there), an she gave me a supply as an "as needed" prescription. Like I said, the winter's hard on him, so I am glad I have some...lol. I can always tell when he is hurting because I have to pick him up and put him on the couch when he wants to come up. He's one of my babies so I could go on all night if given half the chance. But I am sure I'm not the only one. Perhaps I will post some of the most memorable stories at some point.

Again thanks for the welcomes and the compliments.

Kinjo (The human-cat, not the four legged one)
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You sound like a new great friend! Welcome.

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