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Signature/Image Sizes

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Well my photoshop elements 5.0 came yesterday Loaded it onto the computer and its fine. One problem is transfering the onto the computer with the internet. It is currently on my laptop because it says it needs xp to work and my computer with the internet is windows 2000.


On one of the siggy making help sheets it says I need to resize the image for 150px(height) by 64px (width) OR 134px(height) by550px (Wide)

Well mine doesn't come up with 'px'. Mine has loads of others which are cm, mm, inches, percent, points, picas, columns.

What is the size if I use one of the above. Preferably cm, mm or inches.

LuLu x
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i will look at mine while well i type this for width i type in 600 hundred pixels my preset is custom and usually u have to change it to to that sometimes i leave it on whatever it is and on mine usually pixels is the first on the list sometimes maybe different because sometimes it saves my setting and other times it doesnt and I have photoshop elements 5.0 so i go with 600 width for pixels and pixels 116 for height, i cant figure out why urs isnt showing pixels mine has it just make sure what preset u are using because some have different things to choose from so make sure u go to custom and u should be able to choose pixels there !!!! so try changing the preset !!! Let me know what happens !!! I will leave my photoshop open so i can keep checking if u need more help, let me kno if this made sense to i may have made it a little confusing just change ur preset to custom and u should get the pixels option!!!! keep me updated !!!
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I've got the signature size but I can't work out how to change the picture I want to put on it. I've cut around it but can't make it smaller so it will fit on the actual signature.
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right click on where the title is on the picture, and hit image size and make it to whatever size u want it, it might take a few times tho to get the right size !!! and then u can transfer it and if it still isnt small enough do the image size over againa nd make it smaller
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I've found that one inch is aproximately 100 pixels. So the height would be 1.35 inchs
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It depends what your dpi (dots per inch) is, if you have 100dpi, the image will be 1 inch for every 100px (pixels)

at 72dpi (the norm) the image is 7.69 inches wide by 1.86 inches high for a 550x134px siggy
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Thanks guys

Will have a go at it later.
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