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kitten question

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We just adopted a new kitten. I am not sure of her age, but
I believe her to be less that 6 weeks. Her eyes are very
small and cloudy. She is getting around ok but bumps into
things. Otherwise she seems fine. Is this something to
be concerned about or is she just very young?
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Have you taken her to the vet yet? You might want to do so just to rule out any eye problems. What color fur and eyes does she have? If it's blue eyes and white fur, she might have a vision problem. I'd have her checked out for your own peace of mind.
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By all means, please take your cat to a veterinary as soon as possible! Let us know the outcome, if you don't mind. Best wishes to your cat, for a relatively-clean bill of health.

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Thanks to those of you who responded to my kitten question.
As it turns out the kitten is blind...she has no response
to light stimuli. This has been a trying
time for our family. We lost our family cat Zoe last
month due to a heart condition. She was the best cat I have
ever shared a home with. She is missed greatly, especially
by our 6 year old daughter. Her birthday is tomorrow and
the kitten was supposed to be her birthday present.
Thanks again.
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Just because your kitty is blind is not necessarily a death sentence for her. Cats can and do live with limitations. Although she'll have to live as an indoor only cat. What kind of diagnosis did the vet give your kitty? When you said it was SUPPOSE to be your daughter's birthday present, I hope you didn't have the kitty put down. I'm sure your six year old daughter will love her no matter what her limitations are. I wish you the best of luck.
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Chasteen....welcome to the forums!
I moved your question to the health and nutrition section....thought you might get more answers here....I hope that's okay.
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